WORX WG309 Review 10-inch Electric Pole Saw

WG309 Electric Pole Saw has already managed its spot as the best pole saw on the market. It seems the designer worked hard for about three years to reinvent the older model and come out with this masterpiece. But, is it all flowery and no flaws? Let’s find that out in our Worx WG309 review.

Enriched with its patented chain adjustment functionality, this pole saw can cut through even the thickest lumber. The tension makes sure that you have the right amount of pressure at the right time. This is a praised feature in other Worx WG309 reviews as well.

The second notable thing about the pole saw is its motor. It packs a potent punch with an 8 AMP motor that gives you enough power to do both smaller and larger tasks. It is also filled with tons of other minor features as well. So, is it worth buying despite its notable flaws? Let’s have a look at the analysis provided in this Worx WG309 review.

WG309 Electric Pole Saw Overview

WG309 Electric Pole Saw is one of the most multi-tasking pole saws. You can prune precisely or saw through objects rapidly depending on your needs. The 8 feet pole can saw higher branches with ease and after they fall on the grounds – you can simply cut it by detaching the saw from the pole.

You may hear other Worx WG309 review praising the motor power of WG309 Electric Pole Saw which is absolutely justified. Most pole saws have a power of 6.5-7 amp, but this one has an 8 amp. It saws a thick chunk of lumber with no problem at all.

There are some complaints in any other Worx 10-inch pole saw review about its noisy operation. But, you can simply get rid of that with a little adjustment. Requiring no maintenance, the machine offers users a great comfort.


  • Dimensions: (L x W X H): 42 x 8 x 9 Inches
  • Power Options of the Blade: Motor Powered with 8 AMP
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Type: Both (dual and single)
  • Coating Medium of the Blade: Stainless Steel
  • Attachments: Instruction Manual, Starting Tools, Carrying Bag
  • Patented Chain Adjustment

Feature Analysis

3.1Auto Adjustment and Auto Maintenance Functionality

In our Worx WG309 review, we are discussing the patented feature that steals our focus. WG309 Electric Pole Saw has a unique auto adjustment functionality that handles the adjustment of the chain when tension is felt weak. It includes a self-lubrication system that does the job of lubrication before the bar gets jammed.

3.2Light Weight and Portable Structure

WG309 Electric Pole Saw weighs only about 10 pounds including the motor. This allows users to work for a longer period without having their hands fatigued. It also comes in a very compact form that eases the transportation of the machine.

3.3Ergometric Design with Comfortable Grips

The whole-body structure is very ergometric, so it does not put pressure on your body while in use. It also has a very comfortable grip so you will feel naturally good while using it.

3.4Powerful Motor with 8 AMP Strength

Another strong suit of WG309 Electric Pole Saw according to many Worx WG309 reviews is the motor strength. It has an 8 AMP motor which is more than most pole saws. You will be able to cut through even the thickest of the branches.

3.5Extendable Pole with No-Tool Installation

The pole can be extended with a simple rotatable twist. And you do not need any tools to install the saw into your pole. The hub is simply attachable to the body.

3.6Handle Rotation with Quick Stops

Another feature that is worth mentioning in this Worx WG309 review is the rotatable handle. You can quickly prune the branches with the rotation feature which also comes with smooth stops. You can rotate the handle and stop at wherever you want.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong Body Material
  • Patented Chain Adjustment
  • Powerful Motor
  • Light Weight
  • Self-Maintenance
  • Budget Friendly
  • Long Warranty
  • Durable Motor Life


  • The Motor Makes a Bit of Noise

Final Verdict

When you couple strong power with creative design – you get WG309 Electric Pole Saw. It has been on top of Amazon for some time now, and it is not hard to see why. The designer did an excellent job at embedding the significant features in the machine.

Most Worx pole saw reviews appreciate the lightweight construction of the machine while other points out how precise the pruning in due to its handle rotation function. The motor is also powerful compared to other pole saws.

So, if you are not worried about your budget, and you want to get a pole saw with the best features, WG309 Electric Pole Saw can be the one for you. Although there is one negative side mentioned in this Worx WG309 review that you can simply tackle that with a bit of tool adjustment. Now, you can clearly see how the pole saw is going to suit your needs. Happy buying!

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  1. Leticia Mcbreen says: Apr 11th, 18 at 4:20 am replay

    Makita uc4051a is perfectly balanced and has a perfect shape with the motor in line with the handle and bar, along with a useful toolless chain tension adjuster. It holds enough oil to last longer. Obviously there is no rope pulling, no mixing gas, spilling gas. And no question of running out of gas!

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