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Top Five Reasons a Chainsaw/Chainsaw Won’t Cut

Reasons A Chainsaw or Pole Saw Won't Cut
Written by Noah McDonnell
Last Update: August 23, 2021

A chainsaw is a very useful tool for house owners and professionals alike, till it stops working! While there are reasons a chainsaw/pole saw won’t cut, you might end up losing your hard work. Unlike a typical chainsaw manual, this one discusses the issues which can emerge in course of time.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Chainsaw Won’t Cut

There are different reasons a chainsaw/pole saw won’t cut. If you are not able for using a chain that cuts in both way, check that you set the chain in right way. But, if your chain cuts both systems, you should check the reasons that are given below:

Reason 1

The most usual cause of a chainsaw that might not reduce properly is a dull reducing chain. Attempt polishing or changing the chain.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Pole Saw Won’t Cut - Reason 1

Reason 2

The chain may not have the right amount of tension. If the adjustment screw is simply too unfastened, the chain may not make good contact with the wooden. If the chain is simply too tight, the chain may not rotate at the right velocity. This is one of the reasons a chainsaw/pole saw won’t cut properly. To adjust the chain, tighten or loosen the adjustment screw.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Pole Saw Won’t Cut - Reason 2

Reason 3

The chain bar is probably bent or worn out. The chain needs to slide easily and freely across the chain bar. If it would not, you can want to update the chain bar. The chain bar is lubricated by chain oil that is fed from a reservoir. Be sure to fill the reservoir with chain oil each time the tank is filled.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Pole Saw Won’t Cut - Reason 3

Reason 4

The grasp pads engage the grasp drum to rotate the chain. If the clutch pads are worn out, they may not exert enough pressure on the grab drum. This is also one of the several reasons a chainsaw/pole saw won’t cut properly. If the grasp pads are worn out, both replace or repair the clutch assembly.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Pole Saw Won’t Cut - Reason 4

Reason 5

The grasp band is a metal band that wraps around the grasp drum and is activated through the emergency prevent lever. If the emergency prevents lever is engaged, it’s going to save you the chain from attaining full pace and reason the chain not to reduce nicely. If the chainsaw isn’t cutting properly, make certain that the stop lever is completely disengaged. If the prevent lever is disengaged, then strive to adjust the grab band.

Reasons a Chainsaw/Pole Saw Won’t Cut - Reason 4

By now, you have got yourself strongly familiar with the reasons a chainsaw or pole saw won’t cut. Now, do you want to know how to fix them? Well, go through the many tips and tricks we have brought for you. Happy reading!

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