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The Basics of Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
Written by Randall Glenn
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Many people tend to do the trimming with their pole saws; which can be a bit of an overkill if they do not use the right setting in the pole saws. But again, there are powerful pole saws, and there are some with not that much power. But, many of you tend to have some questions and confusion regarding this efficient tool. So, today I am going to conquer all of your confusion about Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer and help you understand what a beautifully perfect tool it is.

I used to trim my grasses and hedges with pole saws as well. I thought that buying an extra trimmer to trim the edges of the grass is unnecessary. I thought you could get the same results by using some accessories with your pole saws. But, one of my friends convinced me to give the Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer ago, and I never looked back. It makes the whole trimming experience so much easier, and you get to practice perfection with this tool.

There are many kinds of trimmer out there in the market from different brands, but most of them have the same functionality. These are for those whose want to have more control over the trimming action and those who do not want the struggle to carry the power options with them. You will feel more relaxed with your hands as trimmer are usually lighter. We will discuss these all in the upcoming parts.

Things You Will Find Interesting About Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer usually comes with a battery, a motor and a sharp blade. That is the most basic characteristics and parts of a hedge trimmer. But, it has more parts and functionality. There are usually two handles available for a hedge trimmer. The front handle which allows the users to adjust to the front jerks and the rear handle when the user needs more control. There is also power controlling options given with the trimmer to trim through different types of grasses and even trim the leaves to handle large bonsai.
Usually, the blade of the trimmer is not fixed so you can try out different types of blades. If you are working with a plainer and silky grass, then you need a more stubble blade, but if you are working with rougher grass, then you can go for a blade with tougher teeth and more density. There are multiple power options provided with every trimmer to control the level of power. The trimmer comes with a power adapter charger that takes about 3-5 hours to get it to fully charge and thus you do not have to carry the power supply with you all the time.

The Basics of Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

How to Use Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

You have to be very delicate with a hedge trimmer. This is for making the grasses more perfect and your hedge more serene without hurting or cutting down the other parts, so you have to be in control of the Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer all the time. There are basic tips that you can follow to achieve that goal;

How to Use Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

  • Keep your battery fully charged at all times
  • Make sure that your machine is well lubricated
  • Check your trimmer chain for any kind of faults or crooked teeth
  • Do some study on your desired grass plate or grass type to figure out which kind of blade you should use.
  • Start with a pilot cut to make sure that the trimmer is hitting the right place
  • Trim the desired hedge in a cross-sectional way to avoid damaging the other grasses.
  • Use double cuts to avoid overcutting the grasses than you want to.
  • Make sure that there are no objects right underneath the grasses
  • Use safety gears for your head, your eyes, and your hands

Use safety gears for

Differences from a Normal Pole Saw

Although there are some similar qualities about pole saws and Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, there are more dissimilarities between these two. The cutting action is one of the major dissimilarities. The pole saw has a distinguished cutting action. The blade is stuck around the chain, and the chain keeps rotating in a continuous process, and thus the cutting is performed. But, for the trimmer, the blades are completely different. The trimmers replicate the function of an original saw and perform its action on a forward-backward motion.
Another major difference that critics frequently talks about is the results of each of these tools. Although some people do try to trim the grasses using a pole saw, it is not a good practice at all. It takes up way too much power and you are left with an uneven surface. But, when you use a trimmer for trimming; the results are way too beautiful and perfect. The grass is cut in an even manner when you are using a hedge trimmer with safety.

 Advantages of Using a Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

  • When you are working in a larger garden you can no longer use a pole saw to trim every branch. It would be too hard, and you will take up a lot of time. So, the trimmer is the best options for larger gardens and farms.
  • You no longer have to carry the power option with you when you use this tool. This is why the trimmers are so preferred by the farmers. The battery can supply you with the exact amount of power that you need, so you no longer have to worry about power supply.
  • The trimmer can work with more perfection and gives the users more control and freedom. You cannot control the pole saw with perfection if you are using it to trim. There must be certain portions of the branches that might be extremely cut. So, a trimmer can help you with this case and give your garden a more polished look without hurting it.

 Advantages of Using a Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Disadvantages of Using a Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Disadvantages of Using a Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

But, there are also a few reasons why the users prefer the plain old pole saws in trimming action rather than a designated trimmer. The reasons for disadvantages are;

  • The trimmer can end up being heavier than the normal pole saw. The pole saw have a separated power source, so it is often light. But, the trimmer has to carry the battery with it so it tends to become heavier than usual which can cause some trouble in trimming to length.
  • The battery might not give you enough power at the time, and you might have to recharge again and again. This can be a brutally devastating disadvantage if you want to trim for a longer period. The trimmer will not allow you to trim the whole garden and you might run out of the power of the battery. An alternative extra pair of battery might help, but it can be costly as well.

Although there are a few problems available for the trimmer the advantages are way too superior. So, if you want to take care of your garden in the proper manner, then I suggest you get a trimmer to enjoy the benefits of being a perfectionist. You will thoroughly enjoy every moment with the trimmer, and you will also see the difference between using a pole saw.

So, that brings me to the end of my blog. I certainly had fun using a hedge trimmer, and I believe that you will too. Be sure to check out some well-written blogs about the whole process before you consider getting a hedge trimmer. Until then, take good care of yourself. Goodbye!

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