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Tekton 24335 Torque Wrench Review

TEKTON 24335 1/2? Drive Click Torque Wrench

Why use a torque wrench when there are plenty of other tools available? The answer is flexibility, and the ability to work faster makes it an automatic choice for everybody. Tekton brings the click torque wrench to make the things easier and finer. Will it be able to help the technicians up to the mark? TEKTON 24335 is a torque wrench constructed of all high-grade stainless steel. No flimsy plastic part added that could cause any wear out or anything unwanted. Let’s have a better view of the tool whether it can help someone while working or not.

Whom is Tekton 24335 Torque Wrench for?

To make the bolt tightening jobs flexible and quick, there is no option to a torque wrench. With the help of sockets, you can reach any bolt at any corner and fix it. Torque wrench enables you to turn the nuts and bolts 360?. You can fix the nuts and bolts even with nose pliers, but it takes hell lot of time as you have to stop after every 90 to 180-degree turn. So, if you want to be smart with the works you should have a torque wrench always with you.

TEKTON 24335 ½ Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Explained

Tekton has taken care of this click torque wrench very well. They used the sturdy stainless steel on this wrench. No flimsy part added. It will help you to work without thinking as you can feel the strength in it. Thinking of its use? It is constructed in a way to handle the bolts and nuts of the cars and trucks. So, you can assume that there is really nothing left for it. You will be able to fix all your tools using this ½ inch drive Tekton torque wrench.

What kind of beam torque wrench support you may need? All the bolts are not of the same size. You will need a collection of sockets to make sure you are able to deal with every bolt and nuts. If you have a versatile collection of sockets, there might be nothing that you can’t fix with this.

This tool has got a ±4% torque wrench calibration which helps you get the bolts tight to the right amount. This helps you to avoid accidents by managing the poorly secured parts with manufacturers provided torque specification. When it reaches the torque level, you get a click sound that means the bolt is tight now. You should try it again to make sure its done perfectly. After using the wrench, you need to keep the torque wrench lowes or lowes torque wrench, low all the time to keep the wrench alright.


  • Dimensions 18.5? x 1.8 ? x 1.2 ?
  • Item Weight 2.2 lbs
  • Item model number 24335
  • Included Components A 1/2? drive torque wrench and a storage case
  • Measurement System Inch
  • Material Stainless steel


  • Sturdy tool to work
  • It can be used with a range of sockets
  • Long handle helps users to work with minimum energy
  • Nicely calibrated to work with perfection
  • A clear reading on the scale no haziness


  • The click sound is very low at times you need to be careful

Our Remarks

Who does not want to make things faster? In order to make the tightening job faster, you need this kind of torque wrench. It has got the click mechanism to indicate whether the tightening is done or not. You need to be careful with the torque and the click. When you are working with a lot of bolts, you will enjoy this tool, no doubt. Fixing the car will now be simple to you.


Question : I got that it’s a great tool to tighten a bolt what if I need to loosen a bolt?
Answer : No problem to make a bolt loose with it.

Question : Should I try an extra pipe at the end of this to get better leverage?
Answer : No, you should not; it will damage the torque mechanics.

Question : Does this tool come with the case to make the storing comfortable?
Answer : Yes, Tekton thinks about their valued customers and provides a case with the package to make the storing comfortable.

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