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Sun Joe swj802e Review ith Adjustable Head

Sun Joe SWJ802E Pole Saw Review, Electric Pole Chain Saw

We believe that the best pole saw has to be safe, strong and well-designed at the same time. In this sun joe SWJ802E pole saw review, we will try to find out if Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw has all these qualities. We would look at each of the aspects of this amazon’s top-rated product and give our judgments accordingly. Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw is strong with aluminum in its construction and stainless steel in its blade. The pole is partly made of fiberglass as well making the pole shock resistant. But, the unique feature of Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw has to be its lightweight design that wins the appreciation of the critiques.

The whole frames weigh around 7.9, and the poles can reach up to 15 feet. It is an outstanding combination considering you cannot find any other motor-based pole saw which is this much light. The manufacturers stuffed a lot of minor feature in Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw as well. We are going to disclose all of those features one by one in our sun joe pole saw review. SO, stay tuned to get all the information that you need.

Feature Analysis

1. Electrically Powered with Cord Inside the Pole

The gear is not tangled with wires although it is based on electrical powers. The wires are hidden inside the pole and pass through it. So, you don’t face much trouble with the wire while handling the saw.

2. Bendable Head With 3 Different Angles

This feature is mostly highlighted in other sun joe SWJ802E pole saw reviews. You can bend the head of the pole saw in three different angles. This can be very effective when you are working on a rugged tree branch. You can cut through the branches more swiftly with the bent head.

3. Extendable Pole up to 9.4 Inches

The pole can be extended up to 9.4 inches. The wire inside the pole adjusts itself accordingly. 9.4 inches is a pretty massive height and add your height to the mix, and you will have a staggering height covered.

4. Lightest Gear with Easy Maneuverability

Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw is extremely light weight. Like I have mentioned in the specification part of this sun joe SWJ802E pole saw review – it only weighs 7.9 pounds. Motor-based pole saws aren’t usually so light weighted, so you will be able to work for a longer period.

5. Built-In Safety Switch

Many fear that electric saws might not be safe. But Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw eliminates that risk. It comes with a safety switch so whenever you feel like things are getting out of control – you can simply press the switch to get yourself safe.

6. 8 Inches Bar with Auto Oiler

With 8 inches bar to its name – Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw can chop down almost anything. And do not forget the auto oiling functionality. Though it’s a minor feature – we think it deserves to be mentioned in this sun joe SWJ802E pole saw review. It is less of a struggle to look after your machine as long as it oils itself.


  • Product Dimensions 112.7 x 5.5 x 112.7 inches
  • Item Weight 7.9 pounds
  • Colors Green
  • Item Model Number SWJ802E
  • Maximum Length 9.5 feet
  • Minimum Length 4 feet


  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Handle
  • Strong Body Materials
  • Corrosion Resistant Blade
  • Great Extended Length
  • Automated Oiling
  • Safety Features
  • Noise free


  • You cord gets jammed inside the pole sometimes.
  • The Electric Jack Is Needed Near Your Workstation

Final Verdict

Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw was designed with the intention to break the conventional belief about an electric chainsaw. At its succeed in its task because it is now one of the top-selling pole saws in the world. It has both the significant features and the minor feature that makes Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw stand among the crowd. Regarding performance and endurance, it is very strong and can cut down branches even 7.5 inches thick. Design-wise, it is a very cool looking saw with buried wire inside the body. Plus, it’s very safe to use – thanks to its safe switch functionality. We already talked about this great feature in our sun joe electric chainsaw review.

So, if you are looking for a pole saw that can be equally powerful and safe – and can be used for a long time then look no further than Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw. It does a decent job at meeting your sawing needs as well as keeping your safe and energetic. We wish that now you can make a more sensible decision. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

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