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Sun Joe swj800e Electric Pole Chain Saw Review

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe has been trying to come up with the best pole saw ever since they began their journey. And one of their successful endeavors is Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw. So, in this Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ800E review we are going to see if Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw has all the qualities needed to be a desirable pole saw for all those bow hunters out there.

Furnished with one of the finest motors around in the marketplace right now – Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw packs a strong punch. It has a 6.5-amp motor that can cut through even the toughest branches, and the whole thing takes in power with a simple push of a button. It features no gas, no oil technology, so you get to use solid electricity power.

Extendable up to a 15 feet high overhead, Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw can reach even the farthest branches of the tree. We feel like it’s height is somewhat overlooked in most Sun Joe Telescoping Chain Pole Saw review. Most pole saws stay between a mere 12 feet, but Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw has taken the game a step ahead. Filled with tons of minor feature – the saw does have its weaknesses as well. And we are going to find those out in this brief Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ800E review. So, stay tuned.

Feature Analysis

1. Electrically Powered with Low Noise Technology

Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw runs purely on electricity. It has a non-visible wire technology built inside it, so you do not have to worry about tangled wires. It runs smoothly with the electric power – with no oil or gas refill.

2. Extendable Reach Of 15 Feet

Well, it is one of the most talked about feature of the gadget in other Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ800E reviews. The pole can reach up to 15 feet. So, you will be able to cut most branches without any worry.

3. Big Oregon Bar with Automated Lubrication

The bar is 8 inches that can cut down even the biggest branches of trees. But, at the same time – it does not need much lubrication. It automatically sends oil to the parts which need it.

4. No Smoke, No Fume Technology

It does not use any gas or any oil. So, there is no excessive smoke or fumes during the operation. Many sun joe poles saw SWJ800E review didn’t think that this is a mentionable feature. But, when you are working for a long hour – this feature is all you need to work comfortably.

5. One-Button Operating System with Safety Lock

You can turn on and off the machine with the simple push of a button. So, you feel like you are in control all the time. Plus, it comes with a safety lock as well.

6. Extremely Light Weight Body

The body is extremely lightweight at only 7 pounds. So, your hands do not tire during long working hours. It should have been on top of our Sun Joe electric pole saw review. But, here we are – this is a unique feature as no other pole saw is so light as this.


  • Product Dimensions 68.5 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Item Weight 7 pounds
  • Item Model Number SWJ800E
  • Color Pale Lime and Black (mixed)
  • Body Material Aluminum and Fiberglass
  • Minimum Length 8.7 feet
  • Maximum Length 15 feet


  • Strong Body Materials
  • Light Weight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Long Pole
  • Clear Electric Powered
  • Budget Friendly
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • The Minimum Length Could Have Been Shorter

Final Verdict

Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw currently is one of the bestselling pole saw on Amazon – and it is not hard to see why. The gadget has a robust design and unique feature that makes it a one of a kind product. Almost all Sun Joe Telescoping Chain Pole Saw review universally agrees that Sun Joe Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw is a superior model when it comes to pole saws.

Performance wise, it has a strong motor that smoothly operates the cutting and design wise – it is very light weighted and comfortable to hold. So, if you want a pole saw that could be both strong and easy to carry, then you should try it out.

That’s all we had to say in condensed Sun Joe Pole Saw SWJ800E review. Hopefully, now you see the device and understand how it may work to your advantage.

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