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Step-By-Step Instruction Showing How To Restring A Pole Saw?

how to restring a pole saw
Written by Randall Glenn
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Tree trimming is a must for growing healthy and strong trees and plants. But ever wondered how difficult it would have been if pole saw was not there? It ensures our safety as well. You might know how to use pole saw for trimming. But, do you know the usefulness of the string in a pole saw?

A string is a vital part of a pole saw, and we should restring a pole saw on a regular basis. All our effort may go in vain if the pole saw does not work properly. So, let us observe the tricks mentioned above on how to restring pole saw.

How To Restring a Pole Saw – Step By Step Instruction

Step 1 : Untying the old rope

The first step requires untying the old rope and taking it away. If you have two pulleys, you should be careful in pulling the previous loop as it may loop over. You can use screwdriver or ax for taking the rope away through pulleys and then untie the knot.

Untying the old rope

Step 2 : Threading the rope finish

Thread the finish of the rope through the farthest possible from the handle through the outward-facing opening in the upper pulley.

Threading the rope finish

Step 3 : Pulling through the rope

Now, pull the rope through and into the slide around the bottom machine. You have to rope around the machine this time from pole aspect towards the skin.

Pulling through the rope

Step 4 : Moving the rope

Now, run the top of the rope from upward and through the clip on the top of the highest machine and keep doing it continuously, do this from outside through the clip once and in toward the cutting blade assembly.

Moving the rope

Step 5 : Ensuring the rope’s positioning

Make sure that the rope holds strongly to the clip victimization two half hitches or the other knot. You should knot it twice for double protection and in this case bring the unfinished task around the rope going into the rock bottom machine and then through the loop. Afterward, make a second loop around the unfinished business, this point pulls the unfinished business between the primary and second loops towards you or within the wrong way of the primary. Now, pull the two loops tight by pulling the unfinished business and compression the two loops along. This is an important step to restring a pole saw.

Ensuring the rope’s positioning

Step 6 : Threading the rope through the eye-bolts

In this step, thread different the opposite finish of the rope through the eye-bolts or other guides on the poles that keep the rope secures as you are employed on trees.

Step 6 : Threading the rope through the eye-bolts

Step 7 : Trimming the rope

Lastly, trim the rope with a utility knife. You can also extend the pole if required and this is how you can restring a pole saw.

Step 7 : Trimming the rope

In a nutshell, pull out the old string and push the new through the eye of the pole saw, create a knot with the string that fits the saw, lift the pole saw and start using it. Be very sure to tie the knot as tight as possible.

Hopefully, now you can restring a pole saw without any trouble. With a high quality pole trimmer, the job becomes easy. Keep trimming your trees now and then. A healthy tree leads to a healthy environment.

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