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Stanley stht20138 High Tension Hacksaw Review

Stanley STHT20138 Solid Frame Hacksaw

By the time you are reading this review, hope you have already got your Stanley tool box. You know about all the hard works behind a successful setup. There is really a little space to inform you about a hacksaw as you are well concerned about the use of it.

What you need is just a strong structure and a sharp blade to assist you in all the hard work. Obviously, it’s not the time to go for the manual tools. We now need the tools that work fast, and we get the result quickly. Who will want to give the extra effort on a hand hacksaw when you can access the automatic saw.

At times manual things come into action in a superb way. Assume that you don’t have the power what will you do? The manual tools will then help you to get the things done. Moreover, the manual metal hacksaw is affordable for all the users where the automatic ones might not be a cost-effective option for your home use.

Whom Is Stanley stht20138 High Tension Hacksaw For?

It’s a very important tool for any person who performs plumbing works or planning to do the plumbing works on his own. With the help of Stanley hacksaw, you can enjoy cutting not only the metals you give the plastic materials also a perfect cut. Anything tiny can be cut down with this type of tool. So, whenever you need to cut the metal or plastic pipes or any tiny tree branches, it can be done comfortably. Whatever the circumstances hacksaw tool is there to help you.

Stanley STHT20138 Explained

This Stanley hacksaw uses all the standard tools that you need to pierce any metal object. The most important thing about a hacksaw is the blade. You will get a 12 inch 24 TPI blade with the tool to help you against any hard object. As we know that the 24 and 32 TPI blades are perfect for cutting the metals or any tough things around us.

The blades in this tool are fixed in length. It has got the right amount of tension to help you work properly also there is an option to fasten up the blade when it gets loose. 225 lbs tension is maintained by the tool on the blade. There is a bolt that also helps to change the angle of the blade. You can adjust the blade to 90 and 180 degrees. It helps the users to get the things in a proper way.

Handling this high tension hacksaw is really comfortable for its high profile handle. No matter how long you work with the tool, you might feel nothing. Does not matter how comfortable the tool is, you have to consider the time and effort you need to put behind a mini hacksaw to work with.


  • Product Dimensions 1.2? x 15.6? x 5.8?
  • Weight 1.2 pounds
  • Item model number STHT20138
  • Material Metal
  • Adjustable Angles 90? and 180?


  • Large And Comfortable Tension Knob
  • Fully Gripped Handle Helpful For Working For A Long Time
  • Sturdy Construction Of The Tool Makes The Metal Cuts Simpler For The User
  • Able To Cut Any Metal Pipes And Rods
  • Higher Tension Of The Blade Helpful Sharp Cuts
  • Affordable For All Types Of Users


  • Need a lot of determination or effort and time to cut the metals

Our Remarks

It’s true that you need to put some extra energy to work with a hacksaw. It takes a bit time to cut the tough metal objects. You also can see that the price is very low which helps any type of user to collect this kind tool for their personal and professional use. When you don’t have the luxury to go for the automatic saw, you can simply add Stanley STHT20138 to your toolbox for multipurpose use. Other than the extra effort to put in you will love Stanley hacksaw. Enjoy!


Question : Will I get the blade with the package?
Answer : Yes, you will get a 24 T 12 inch blade with the tool.

Question : How about cutting the ham bone with this hacksaw?
Answer : Technically, you can cut the ham bones with it and surely it will take a bit time. It’s better not to try this with a hacksaw.

Question : Want to try it on my own Christmas tree, what do you say?
Answer : Its designed to perform on metal objects. You can try it on woods, but it may not be that efficient. A simple courser blade may also help you.

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