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Stanley 65 Piece Tool Kit Review

STANLEY 94-248 65 Piece DIY Tool Kit

Are you find it tough to do the DIYs? You will definitely find it interesting and enthusiastic when you have the Stanley tool box with you. Stanley 94-248 is a 65 piece tool set with all the necessary items. From a hammer to bubble levels everything is there in this set. Will it be enough to help in your DIY projects? Let’s find out whether this 65 piece tool set has got the efficiency or not.

Whom Is Stanley 65 Piece Tool Kit for?

Not only in the DIY projects this tool set have got all the required items that help in every construction works. You will be able to solve your entire hardware problem by taking the help of this Stanley tool bag. Nothing is left out of this set what you may need to fix the day to day adjustments like tightening the bolts or screws any other simple fixing job. It’s a complete solution for the homeowners.

List of Items

  • 1 16′ Measuring Tape
  • 1 13 oz hammer
  • 1 18mm snap-off cutter
  • 1 Bubble level
  • 1 Long nose plier
  • 1 Slip joint plier
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • 1 1/4ʺ Rachet
  • 1 Spinner handle
  • 30 Specialty Bits
  • 2 Hex key set
  • 8 Sockets

65 Pcs Stanley Toolbox Explained

From the list, you can see you are getting all the basic tools that will help you to solve your regular DIY problems. When there is Stanley 94-248 no need to search for any tool because all the necessary tools are organized in this set. It’s the perfect homeowner’s Tool Kit that gives you the confidence to face any difficulty. It’s really rare to have a toolkit set that contains bubble level which will help you to perform the carpentry, and other construction works with perfection.

Stanley tool box might a low-cost home toolset, but the items delivered high-quality performance. If you have the budget problem, then this is the best cheap toolkits that will serve you for years. The 13 oz hammer in the set can make you feel stronger at any task. Finding it hard to grip the bolts and nuts? No tension, this household toolkit has got 8 different sized sockets to help you with any size bolts. You are getting a rachett and a spinning tool to make the bolt tightening jobs easier for you. It’s not just a simple DIY tool it will helpful for the professionals also. When you have this homeowner toolset around you no problem to deal with any type of screws. 2 screwdrivers and 2 set of hex key and set of special bit make it possible to deal with any kind of screw.


  • Product Dimensions 16ʺ x 11ʺ x 3.2ʺ
  • Package Weight 7.3 lbs
  • Box-Color Black
  • Item model number 94-248
  • Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Complete tool set
  • Heavy duty kits
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable to carry and store
  • Perfectly set on the box


  • The steel used in this set is not up to mark like other Stanley product

Our Remarks

You are getting all the required basic tools in this Stanley tool box. It’s probably the best home toolkit that you can get at such a low price. The compact size is helpful to store it and carry it if needed sometimes. You lady would love it as the box helps to keeps the tools in good form all time. They don’t need to maintain it after your work. Thus it becomes a loving womens toolset.


Question : Does this Stanley toolbox have the T5?
Answer : Sorry this set doesn’t come with any T5, but you will be able to manage the shortage in a combined way of the special bit and socket, and the spinner.

Question : How many sockets and what sizes are available in this set?
Answer : You are getting 8 sockets of different sizes. If you want to know the exact sizes then: 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32 and 3/8. Happy?

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