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Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator With Portable Powered

Sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generator is great for running the RV while out on the road. sportsman generator is also pretty useful during massive power outage to keep essential appliances running. Sportsman 4000 watt dual fuel generator comes with dual fuel capability.

This dual fuel generator runs on either unleaded gasoline or propane. So, you can use the portable generator according to availability or affordability of the fuel. In essence, with sportsman 4000 generator dual fuel you get the long lasting, clean burning advantage of propane gas, in addition, the familiar and easy to find benefits of unleaded gasoline.

With 4000 peak watts and 3500 rated watts the sportsman generator 4000 is a powerful generator. It can handle power demand like most common generators. Equipped with four 120-volts outlets, a single 120V RV outlet, and a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging, this generator is a must item during camping or tailgating. The dual fuel portable generator with 50% load can run for 10 hours on a full tank of gasoline (3.6 gallons).

Sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generator is surprisingly quiet. The 7 HP engine runs at less than 69 Db. The generator comes with a 5-foot propane fuel hose with a regulator. This model cannot be converted to operate with natural gas. The generator does not need of any battery. It has a pull start, not an electric start. It starts very easy with the full start.


  • Product Dimensions 24.5 x 16.5 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight 94 pounds
  • Item model number GEN4000DF
  • Engine 212 Cc OHV
  • Starting Watts 3500


  • Very easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to fuel
  • Not too loud
  • Easy Initiation
  • Extended hours of operation

Our Remarks

Sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generator is a powerful generator with 4000 peak watts and 3500 rated watts. Duel fuel capability makes it somewhat versatile generator because you can use either propane or unleaded gasoline. It does not make much sound. It runs at below 69 DB which is an amazing thing with a 7 HP power engine.

Sportsman 4000w dual-fuel generator runs for ten hours at a stretch on a full tank of gasoline (3.6 gal) and 12 hours at a stretch with a full 20 pounds. It is ideal for anyone who needs affordable, flexible, and portable power. In conclusion, in this dual fuel generator reviews we tried to cover all important aspect of a portable generator that is particularly useful during a long power outage or camping or riding on a RV.

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