Best Small Greenhouse Kits for You to Buy

Greenhouses are the most necessary things in cold weather to grow plants and vegetables. There are various types and sizes of greenhouses. Among them, the small greenhouses are most popular for their capacity and efficiency. They are perfect for the people who have a small lawn, backyard, deck, or balcony. These mini greenhouses are very useful and easy to maintain. However, when it’s about your garden, you want to buy the best products available on the market. Let’s explore the best small greenhouse kits you should consider to buy according to your need.

5 Best Small Greenhouse Kits

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse from Gardman is simple and easy to set up. It provides you with excellent coverage for seeds, seedlings, and young plants. It is regarded as the no. 1 small greenhouse, and it has over 1000 positive reviews on different websites. The features of this small greenhouse are:

  • Four tiers of shelving
  • Length: 27 inches. Width: 18 inches. Height: 63 inches
  • Construction: a tubular fit steel frame with a clear polyethylene cover to allow sunlight in the mini greenhouse to keep the warmth trapped.
  • A zippered front door to keep wind and rain out of the greenhouse and to have easy access.
  • Price: 39.85 dollars


Giantex Cold Grame Small Greenhouses

This small portable greenhouse is strong and durable. This greenhouse keeps your plants safe and warm, and it also looks great. This small wooden greenhouse is sturdier than the ones that are constructed with plastic sheeting. The features of this small indoor greenhouse are:

  • Four different configurations with the same fir-wood framing ,Two-tiered Greenhouse: 30″ X 22″ X 43″ , Small Cold Frame: 35″ X 31″ X 23″,Large Cold Frame: 39″ X 25″ X 15″ ,Raised Cold Frame with Shelf: 35″ X 19″ X 41″
  • Price: 58.99 to 129.99 dollars depending on the size


Flower House Pop-Up Small Greenhouse

The mini greenhouse from the Flower House is the best small portable greenhouse. It is lightweight with an easy-up and easy-down design. This feature makes the small greenhouse convenient to be transported anywhere you need. The features of this small portable greenhouse are:

  • Not a permanent greenhouse; pop-up tent style plant house
  • Easiest setup
  • A bottomless design to set it up anywhere. It does not require a flat or hard ground.
  • Four sizes ranging from two square feet to five square feet , Flower House 1: 2′ X 2′, Flower House 2: 3′ X 3′ , Flower House 3: 4′ X 4′, Flower House 4: 5′ X 5
  • Price: 77.38 to 119 dollars depending on size


Quictent Portable Cloche Greenhouse

A Quictent cloche greenhouse is a great solution to help you extend your growing season. The features of this small portable greenhouse are:

  • Lightweight and bottomless design
  • High-quality powder-coated steel-made frame
  • Transparent PVC cover to the maximum amount of UV rays
  • Two zippered ventilation holes on the top to control the temperature
  • Easy access to the plants through the holes
  • Sturdy and easy to set up without any tools
  • Size: Length: 71 inches. Width: 36 inches. Height: 36 inches
  • Price: 44.99 dollars


Rion Eco Grow Small Greenhouse

The Rion Eco Grow Greenhouses have other larger varieties too. As we are talking about small greenhouses, we will focus on the smallest version of this greenhouse. The features of this small greenhouse are:

  • A heavy-duty frame, UV-protected resin, and thick twin-wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Size: Length: 6 feet. Width: 6 feet
  • A latched door for easy access
  • An integrated roof vent to ensure decent ventilation
  • Pin and lock system assembly
  • Barn-shaped design to allow extra headroom for getting inside
  • Price: 873.85 dollars


The Rion Eco-Grow is the largest among the small greenhouses. It has enough space for you to place a small greenhouse heater inside of it. The small greenhouse heater will keep your greenhouse warmer in freezing weather.

So, you’ve already learned about the best small greenhouse kits available on the market. Now, it’s your choice to make. You should buy the best small greenhouse according to your requirements and preferences.

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