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Silky Replacement Blade Review

Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade

Are you looking for a perfect replacement blade for your Silky Hayate saw? Let us introduce you to something that matches your need and expectations.

Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade makes the difference between a steak knife and a chainsaw. The sharp and straight blade allows you to cut very fast. You can use this for a tree saw for tree pruning in ease and convenience.

Indeed, you can’t ask more than what this replacement blade provides. Whatever, we are about to begin our Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade review now to inform you about this blade furthermore.

Feature Analysis of Silky Replacement Blade

1. Blade Length

The blade length of this Replacement Blade is 16-1/2-inch (420 mm)

2. Teeth Configuration

There are 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm) in this Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade.

3. Design

The replacement blade has a Taper-ground non-set tooth design. This blade is hard chrome-plated.


  • Teeth per inch 5.5 ppi
  • Color Silver
  • Metal Special Alloy Steel
  • Blade Thickness 1.8 mm
  • Kerf 1.8 mm
  • Dimension 20.3″ x 0.1″ x 3.7″
  • Item weight 7.8 ounces


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sharp and straight
  • Cuts well and fast
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade might seem a little bit expensive to you, but it is worth every penny. It will perfectly match your expectations. It is very easy to get yourself cut with this super sharp blade. So, we recommend everyone we write for that they use the blade as much carefully as possible.

According to our research, we found this replacement blade to be a great one for tree trimming, and we highly recommend you to use it in your tree trimmer. As we mentioned earlier, it also has a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship which is very impressive indeed!

We believe our Silky Professional Series Replacement Blade has helped you to get the information that you wanted. Hopefully, you will make a good purchase. Happy buying!

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