Time has once again arrived for us to do something for students who are doing great in their fields yet facing financial difficulties as the expenses of education are only increasing. With this concern in mind, we have managed to extend our hands to assist one student each year.

Powertoolsgudie has always been caring toward those who value education and want to do something great for their homes, especially on their own.

We know we can never do enough for them, but this $1,000 giveaway makes us feel gratified that we’re doing something at least for one promising person who could potentially be benevolent enough to give back to the community.

Please carefully read the eligibility criteria and procedure below.

We invite all candidates to submit to us a writing piece which we, in fact, believe one of the most outstanding approaches to help someone and have a sound understanding of his/her passion for something.


  • Writing Type: Informative, Educational, Storytelling
  • Word Count: 1,000
  • Accepted Document Format (.doc/.docx)
  • No Links & PDFs
  • Email: info@spottingpro.com

What Do Applicants Include?

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address & Phone number

The scholarship recipient will receive the scholarship award in 30 days after the deadline of the application submission. By participating, candidates are giving us their consents to our efforts that we call, email, text, or contact anyway using the information they will provide.

In addition, if you become the winner, you would allow us to use your name, address, academic details, and other points of familiarity for our future promotional purposes without being amenable to make you further payments for the purposes.

If you want to use your photo, we request you to send a recent one with the application. The scholarship recipient is responsible for payment of any applicable state/Federal Income Taxes because of the receipt of cash by means of the scholarship. Please contact or write to us for further questions if you have.