Remington Electric Chainsaw Reviews, RM1025SPS Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo

The saw market is filled with options, so, it is hard to find out the best pole saw among so many options. But, if you consider the functionality then the task becomes a lot easier. Remington 1025SPS electric chainsaw falls under the 2 in 1 category – but can we call it the best? Well, we have tried to shed light on that matter in our review which is unlike many other Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews.

For those of us who want control and versatility in their pole saw – Remington is a sure winner. It is a 2-in-1 pole saw that can be detached from the pole quite easily. Like ours, many other Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews have mentioned about the versatility of the device. You can use it to trim hard to reach areas and at the same time – you can use it to cut solid lower surfaces.

With two adjustable handles by its side – the Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo can reach up to 10 feet in length. Meaning that it will be able to cut even the farthest branches of your tree. With stunning design and superb performance – this saw currently sits on top of the amazon list. That’s why there are so many Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews on the web right now.

But the machine is more than just its performance and design. It has so many other features embedded in it as well. Thankful for you – we are going to enlighten you with every piece of information about this pole saw.

Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo Overview

The first thing about Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo that most Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews skip is how first it can start up. It has instant start up mechanism so you do not have to pull the chain or anything to start it.

The 8 AMP motor give enough power to the machine to cut off even medium chunk of woods. SO, it will cut off most of the branches without trouble. You can disconnect the saw from the pole very easily and work on it with your hands.

The design of the pole saw is very ergometric. So, your hands do not tire very easily and you can keep on sawing the woods. The grips are very safe and comfortable as well so it’s an added bonus for you.


  • The Dimensions of the Product (L x W x H): 39.8 x 8.4 x 9.2 inches
  • Power Options of the Blade: 8-amp motor
  • Body Material: Aluminum pole with steel blade
  • Handle Type: Dual Handle
  • Minimum Length: 12 inches
  • Maximum Length: 10 feet
  • Coating Medium of the Blade: Corrosion Coating
  • Attachments: Pole, Bag and Instruction Manual

Feature Analysis

3.1Simple Switching

You know this feature if you have already gone through other Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews. You can turn the pole saw into chainsaw in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t require any tools – simply pull out the saw end from the pole and you have a chainsaw in your hand.

3.2Adjustable Poles with Easy Flip and Lock Functions

There are two poles provides with the gadget. Both of them are adjustable and can be quickly released and locked. This saves time as well as make the gear more functional.

3.3Kick-Back Resistant with Big Bar and Chain

You get some sort of jerk or kick while sawing big branches of trees with your pole saw. This happens if your sawing action is not strong enough. But, the big bar of Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo helps reduce kick so you can work more smoothly.

3.4Powerful Motor and Light Construction

The motor in the saw is quite powerful – standing at 8 amps. Attaching such powerful motor can overweight your saw. But, as you might have seen in any other Remington 1025SPS electric chainsaw review, this saw is very light weight. So, its powerful and easy to handle at the same time.

3.5Improved Height

Depending on the height of the user – this pole saw can reach as much as 15 feet. So, it’s a big improvement of the height of the saw. You can easily reach the farthest corners of a tree without any worry at all. This improvement is another reason why we are writing this Remington Branch Wizard Pro 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw review.

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy Body Material
  • Great Design
  • 2-in-1 Model
  • Versatile Usage
  • Easy to Control
  • Safe and Fast
  • Automated Machine
  • Powerful Engine
  • Great Height of The Pole


  • Some Users have complained about the adjustment panel of poles

Final Verdict

Now it’s time to draw a line for our review. We are going to tell you in the last part what other Remington Electric Chainsaw reviews think along with our thoughts.

Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo is a very powerful device and its very versatile as well. It has been a fan favorite model for a long time and there are good reasons behind it. The saw is strong yet stable, versatile yet powerful.

The body material is sturdy, and that is why, the manufacturers are confident of offering 2 years of warranty. So, if you want a versatile pole saw that doubles as a chainsaw as well then you can definitely try out Remington Ranger Electric Saw Combo.

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  1. Altha Ellithorpe says: Apr 11th, 18 at 3:52 am replay

    I was not sure on purchasing an electric chainsaw at first, but am very impressed with the power and how lightweight it was and less to maintain than my old gas chainsaw. I settled on the Worx WG303 16 inch chainsaw in the end.

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