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Pro-Lift F767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Pro-Lift F767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

When you need to reach the bottom of a car to lift it, there is really a few options available. Pro lift Trolley jack a low profile tool is there to help the car mechanics and owners in many ways. Pro Lift comes with this low profile car jack which is comfortable in many senses. It’s light in weight and simple to use. Many of the users will find it useful for its simplicity and efficiency.

This Pro Lift trolley jack is not the kind of tool that can support you for all types of work. It has got a limitation. You can only lift about 2 tons with the help of this tool. So, heavy SUV car’s might not be a good choice for it. It’s more likely emergency support for you which you can easily keep in the back of your car without any hassle.

Whom Is Pro-Lift F767 Grey Low Profile Floor JackFor?

Pro Lift Floor Jack is an efficient, lightweight tool. You can simply carry it wherever you want. It’s compact in size. So, no problem to keep it with you in your car for emergency. It’s pretty much affordable for any car owner. Any car owner would like to collect this very much needed tool at a low price. As discussed earlier, it is limited to 2 tons; you can’t expect it to perform whatever you want. For a lightweight car owner, it’s the perfect tool that can help on many occasions.

Pro Lift F-767 Explained

Pro Lift Floor Jack is a tool constructed with sturdy steel. Steel frame makes sure that it will not bend down in pressure. Though it has got the heavy duty frame, it is not that heavy. It’s just 30 lbs which is comfortable to carry with you in your car. This 2 ton floor jack has got the compact size that helps the car owner to keep it in the back of the car quite comfortably. By keeping this low profile floor jack in your car, you can efficiently use it when you need to lift the car in emergency situations.

Pro Lift hydraulic jack is different from the scissors jack. With scissors jack, you can’t go under the car. Scissors jack is made in a way to support you from a corner. It can’t go beneath the car without lifting the car. Pro Lift low profile jack is able to go under the car in any position without lifting the car.

With the help of this hydraulic floor jack, you can lift any object about 3 ½ to 14 inches, but you have to consider the weight capacity of this tool. If you want to go beyond the capacity, the hydraulic system might fail down. On most of the negative reviews, this can be a cause that users might have tried to lift the objects beyond the limit.


  • Product Dimensions 17.9 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight 30 lbs
  • Color Grey
  • Item model number F-767
  • Material Steel


  • Extra low profile helpful for many occasions
  • Up to 14 inches of lifting range
  • Patented bypass with the tool protects from over pumping
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Durable tool runs for long


  • A low profile floor jack not compatible with heavy cars like SUV’s

Our Remarks

This Pro lift trolley jack might not be as strong as the jack stands, but it has got the advantage going in any position under the car and help the users to work comfortably. Also, this tool is very low in price which makes it the best floor jack between the budget. This Pro Lift 2 ton jack can help you to lift a wide range of cars. Moreover, the steel construction should give you better performance than the aluminum floor jack. If you need a higher performance hydraulic jack, then you should check out Pro-Lift G-737 Grey Speedy Lift Garage Jack – 3-1/2 Ton.


Question : Does any portable case come with it?
Answer : No, you will not get any case with the tool. If you need one, you need to buy separately.

Question : What is the capacity of this tool? Will it be able to lift a car?
Answer : It’s a 2 ton floor jack. Obviously, it can help you to lift a car considering its capacity.

Question : What type of oil do I need to operate the tool?
Answer : You need to use hydraulic jack oil to get the best performance from this tool.

Question : What is the diameter of the lifting cup?
Answer : The is cup is about 2 ¼ inches.

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