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Poulan p3816 Chainsaw Review – 16-Inch Fully Assembled

Poulan P3816 38cc Fully Assembled Chainsaw

Chainsaw is a modern wood cutting tool. With a Chainsaw, you can cut trees, trim branches or cut timbers for any other purposes. A chainsaw is easy to carry and operate. It doesn’t matter you use it personally or professionally. It’s safe to use and swift to work. It has the latest safety system. Chainsaws can save lives when it comes to maintaining and clearing up your yard. In fact, this tool can also be used for professional use.

However, it is not easy to choose a best one among a bunch of products. If you are looking for the perfect tool that is effective and powerful, then there is a great one. It just changed the traditional wood cutting concepts.

The Poulan P3816 38cc Chainsaw is a ready-made chainsaw with an automatic chain oiler, automatic gear, and 16-Inch long body. Poulan P3816 has lightweight, compact design, and easy to a storage facility. You can operate this tool without any difficulty. It’s absolutely health friendly as it has the reduced vibration handle AV system. You can use Poulan P3816 without any kind of expertise.

It’s difficult to keep a chainsaw working. Lubrication of chain and bar is not easy for preventing rust and offering a smooth performance. But our tool is corded or gas powered; this feature is significant for users’ satisfaction. With this regard, the manufacturers have designed the Poulan p3816 Chainsaw with an automatic oiling system that is supportive in keeping the 16-inch bar and chain lubricant through the work.

The Poulan P3816 38cc 16-Inch Chainsaw is highly praised throughout the world because of its user-friendly features and less consumption of fuel. The most popular thing about this tool is its low price, that is affordable for the commons. However, with the time being, people will get used to.

Moreover, Poulan P3816 has a powerful engine for continuous performance. This tool assures you less fuel consumption as well as cost minimization. Poulan P3816 tool needs less repairing as it burns less fuel. You can search for Poulan p3816 parts online.


  • Product Dimensions 33 x 11.9 x 13.9 inches
  • Item Weight 19 pounds
  • Size 16″ Bar Length
  • Item model number 967146301
  • Manufacturer Husqvarna/Poulan/Weed Eater


  • Poulan PL3816 is fully assembled
  • Can do a fantastic job in helping you trim up your trees
  • Well-built and rugged
  • Easily fixable
  • Spring Assist starting
  • Front adjust chain tensioning

Our Remarks

In one word, Poulan P3816 is a smart tool with its excellent features. We are using this tool in our works. I can carry a Poulan p3816 chainsaw easily for its lightweight. We trimmed all our trees in our yard. You can cut trees also with this tool. You could have Poulan chainsaw parts in the local market too if you needed. The Poulan chainsaw is the best chainsaw I have ever experienced.

If you are not used to with the tool use it carefully. Who has a mechanical tool or tool sound phobia, please don’t use this tool as it makes a harsh sound. Keep children away of this or let them use with parent guard. Thanks for reading the chainsaw reviews.

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