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How Does Oregon Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener Work?

Oregon Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener
Written by Randall Glenn
Last Update: August 23, 2021

If you have a yard full of unwanted trees and need to get them removed, you may have decided to hire a professional to tackle the task. Although cutting down large trees can require a professional, you can do a fair bit of cutting all by yourself. The chainsaw is probably the best tool that you may use to do the cutting as it is fully autonomous and can chop through the timber like a knife in butter.

A chainsaw may perform its task correctly for quite some time before its blades go dull. This is when you must repair the chain. Although there are replacement blades for the chainsaw, a chainsaw sharpening tool can sharpen the blades efficiently at a lower cost. The chainsaw sharpening tool will also increase the lifespan of the motor because sharpening the blade reduces the pressure on the motor.

Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of chainsaw sharpening tools out in the market, one of the best chainsaw sharpening tools is undoubtedly the Oregon PowerSharp.

Oregon Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener

What Is Oregon Powersharp?

The Oregon PowerSharp is a unique and multipurpose chain and chainsaw sharpening tool that enables its users to sharpen their Oregon PowerSharp chain within seconds. It is an excellent tool of choice for beginner chainsaw users as it is straightforward and easy to install. The chainsaw sharpening tool is handy and can sharpen the chain within seconds without removing the chain from the motor.

The PowerSharp Chain has several cutting faces, including a cutting link that sharpens down, so there is no need for filing inside the link. Directly following each cutting link is a guide to keep the cutting edge aligned correctly with the sharpening crescent inside the bar-mounted tool.

What Is Included in the Package?

If you’ve bought a new Oregon PowerSharp chain and chainsaw sharpening tool, you should always read the user manual that comes along with it. When purchased, the PowerSharp system comprises four components that work together. Let’s look into what we get:

What Is Included in the Package?

The PowerSharp Chain which has a few chisel styled cutters, ramped depth gauges and ramped guidance drive links to provide a smooth and efficient cutting action and good chip flow.

  • The Sharpening Stone which fits inside the bar mounted sharpener. It is the core of the sharpening tool and needs to be replaced from time to time. Experts suggest replacing the stone when replacing the chain.


  • The PowerSharp Guidebar needs to be mounted on a chainsaw motor.


  • The Sharpening Unit which holds the sharpening stone. The sharpening takes place in this unit.


How Does It Work?

The PowerSharp Chainsaw sharpener is a handheld sharpener which sharpens the chain with the help of the stone attached to the sharpening unit. The PowerSharp chain needs to be attached to the guide bar to go into the sharpener. Then the chain is to be mounted on the sharpening tool. By turning on the motor of the chainsaw, the blades of the chain rub against the sharpening stone which increases the sharpness of the blades. The angle between the blades and the sharpener needs to be the same as this will sharp all the blades in the chain uniformly. Inability to do so might result in a non-uniform chain.

Safety Precautions

You must handle the PowerSharp chainsaw sharpener with great care. This is because if you handle it without care, you may provoke severe injuries to yourself. Before starting the sharpening process, make sure that you are in a safe distance from the sharpening unit. Don’t bring it close to the human body when the sharpening is taking place. To avoid the metal splinters, be sure to wear safety goggles and proper attire. You should also make sure that you disassemble the parts as mentioned in the user manual. Never let children and pets play with the chainsaw sharpener as this might cause injuries.


A PowerSharp chainsaw sharpener is a potent tool that can be used for chainsaws both by expert lumberjacks and beginners. The durable and highly versatile tool is easy to install and easy to use, making it one of the best tools that a person can use. Paired up with a high-quality chainsaw, the PowerSharp Chain can be a beast when cutting down large trees. Whenever you feel that the chain’s blades are getting dull, you don’t even have to worry as you can take the PowerSharp chainsaw sharpener tool anywhere you go!

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