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Makita xdt13z Review – 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Impact Driver

Makita XDT13Z Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

There is no reason to use a hammer manually when you have an automatic impact driver within your reach. Using the hammer has bigger chances to cause finger injuries. Makita impact driver is a well-known power tool manufacturer has got the XDT13Z cordless impact driver to help the users to make the things fast and fewer chances of injury.

It’s a cordless tool with the 18-volt motor. A cordless tool of 18 volt can help you to perform heavy jobs. It has got variable speed control to adjust with multiple tasks. It runs off the battery so, you need to ask about its portability and user-friendliness. What you may find annoying is, it does not come with the 18V battery. You need to buy it separately. Let’s have a good look at this cordless tool.

Whom is Makita XDT13Z Brushless Cordless Impact Driver for?

Every worker needs convenience. If you consider the convenience you might not find any other impact driver over Makita impact driver. It is cordless, runs with 18-volt lithium ion battery. So, there is no issue on portability and user-friendliness. Everybody would love to use this tool to put the screws into a wood piece or for fastening the screws and bolts. You can’t fix this tool for a specific group of people.

Makita XDT13Z Cordless Impact Driver Explained

Impact drivers are of great use to force a screw into a wood piece or for fastening job. It uses both the rotation and concussive blows to drive the screws into any wood. In need of extra power, it can generate two or three times more torque than the average drill machine. Makita tools have always been up to mark. This Makita impact drill is nothing different. It has got an 18-volt brushless motor. Brushless motors are great to use for any battery powered tool. It can help the tool to run 50% more after charging once.

You might get confused between Makita drill and Makita 18v impact driver. Both serve different objectives in an efficient way. Makita cordless impact driver is not for drilling holes in any object. It is made for inserting screws into any object or for bolt fastening jobs on any surface. You also get variable speed feature in this Makita driver. It can generate a torque of 1500 in-lbs which shows how efficient and hard it can go on any kind of surface. Considering the torque, it’s the best Makita impact, driver. A drawback you may mark of this Makita impact driver set is, it does not contain the most needed battery. All the Makita cordless tools should come up with the required battery it will improve user experience and convenience.


  • Product Dimensions 3.5 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.43 pounds
  • Size 5 inches
  • Part Number XDT13Z
  • Power Source Battery-powered
  • Voltage 18 volts
  • Wattage 72 watts
  • Torque 1500 in-lbs.
  • Measurement System Metric
  • Display Style LED
  • Battery Cell Type Lithium Ion
  • Warranty Description 3-year limited warranty


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight tool helpful for any kind of operation
  • Built-in LED light makes it enjoyable to work in dark areas
  • Perfect grip on the handle
  • One touch hex chuck for quick bit change
  • Variable speed


  • No battery included, it would have been great to get a battery with package

Our Remarks

This Makita impact driver is a great tool with its 18V motor. It’s great to have a speed variance from a Makita cordless impact driver. It helps to work efficiently according to the object. Makita 18v impact driver also can generate a great torque to complete its job. What it fell short is the battery. If Makita delivered the battery with the package, it would have been great. Enjoy your screw fastening jobs with Makita impact driver.


Question : Is any case available for this Makita, impact driver?
Answer : Sorry, no case is available with this impact driver.

Question : Is there any difference from traditional cordless drills?
Answer : Makita XDT13Z is an impact driver that helps for fastening screws, and it is not a drill.

Question : Is there any difference between xdt14z and xdt12z?
Answer : he xdt14z has 3 speeds available, and the xdt12z has 4 speeds to help you beyond the limit.

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