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Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review

Makita 9903 8.8 Amp Belt Sander

When you need a sanding tool that can help to perform multiple tasks belt sander is the tool. From sharpening knives to wood finishing, many tasks can be done on a belt sander. When you have variable speed Makita belt sander with you, it becomes more effective on various objects. Makita 9903 is powerful with sturdy construction and power. It has high amperage motor to make the most out of a belt sander. Thus, it makes a bit loud sound. While working with it, you need to take the necessary safety measures in order to be safe. Let’s discuss this belt sander in details.

Whom is Makita 9903 8.8 Amp Belt Sander for?

A sanding tool is never bound to a special category of worker. When it comes to belt sander, it’s more versatile than any other sanding tool. Even using the belt sander, you can make the sharp edges of glass even and smoother for further use. Moreover, with variable speed of Makita 9903, you can easily control the speed and make good use of the tool on various occasions. That leads it to be an automatic choice for any sanders corner.

Makita 9903 Belt Sander Explained

This Makita 8.8 amp motor is a powerful tool that can generate up to 1400 ft./min speed. There is a dialing knob to control the speed. This control over speed helps the user to work on various objects maintaining the speed. You can comfortably use this machine as your metal sander tool to sharpen the rough surface of a knife or any other metal. At lower speed level it can be also used against the glasses also. The variable speed helps it to be both a DIY belt sander and professional level sander. You can easily imagine a 1010 watt tool can extract how much power. So, all heavy sanding jobs can be performed with this Makita 9930.

Like many of the belt sanders, it does not have the disc sander with it. So, all the power is extracted just on the belt. It would be nothing less than a 4-belt sander. It also comes with a comfortable gripping technique to make sure a user can firmly control it when it’s in use. What you may find in most sander reviews are the safety precautions. As it is a powerful tool, it generates a higher noise level of 85 dB. You need to keep or hold your ears and eyes protected in order to be safe. For a human, the safe dB level is about 60. So, you need to cover up your ears perfectly.


  • Weight 9.5 pounds
  • Belt Size 3? x 21?
  • Color Teal
  • Amperage 8.8 AMP
  • Wattage 1,010 watts
  • Voltage 110 volts
  • Speed Control Dial 690-1,440 ft./min.
  • Noise level 85dB
  • Power Source corded-electric
  • Power Cord Length 16.4 foot
  • Included 1 80 grit abrasive belt, 1 dust bag
  • Warranty 1-year warranty


  • Variable speed enables the user to set the speed according to the application
  • Front grip design for comfortable operation
  • Dust bag for a cleaner work setting
  • Sands wood or metal removes paint and rust
  • Long cord length helpful to work in different positions


  • High noise level, need to cover up the ears while working

Our Remarks

Your search of best belt sander should end when you find the Makita 9903. This powerful tool has got the reasonable price and enough positive belt sander review to insist you to buy it. While working on it, you have to maintain the safety because of its speed and noise level. Goggles and ear cover are must when you drive this tool. You will enjoy its power and capacity to sand any object.


Question : How does it perform on dust collection?
Answer : The vacuum dust collection works great with the provided bag. When the bag is about to the full you need to clean it otherwise, it may pop off.

Question : Is there any gear to operate it?
Answer : No, there is no gear on it. It has got a dial to control the speed. It comes with an abrasive belt to help your sanding.

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