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Epauto Telescoping Lug Wrench Review

A Telescopic Lug Wrench Master Of All Nuts

We often get offended when we can’t reach the required bolt, or it gets tough sometimes to wrap up the tasks real quick with a regular screwdriver. What we need is an EPAuto Telescoping Lug Wrench to reach wherever we want and finish the simple nut job smartly.

This lug nut wrench is just 13 inches long. It can be stretched to 19 inches to make every kind of bolt tightening job possible for the users. We found it really hard to fix the bolts of tires on our car. With the help of this simple tool, we can easily reach the bolts and finish the job smartly by making good use of the leverage of the long handle of this tool. A problem you may face this package does not include all size socket you need to get them separately. How it can make way for the users, let’s have a look.

Whom is A Epauto Telescoping Lug Wrench for?

With the right kind of socket, you can simply use this tool against any bolt, nut or screw. We all fix the screws or bolts on a regular basis at home, so all of us need this type of tool to finish the things real quick. It’s true that this is not the torque multiplier lug wrench but this tool can help us in a great way when we need to perform the DIY’s.

EPAuto Telescoping Lug Wrench Explained

It might not be the exact time to introduce a manual time because we all now think about automatic things. Yes, you can simply go for cordless impact wrench for lug nuts to make the things comfortable and easier. We all know emergency has no time, so we should always keep the manual tools with us to adjust to the scene.

Strength is the power of this manual lug wrench. A CRV (Chrome Vanadium steel alloy) tool does not need to claim its strength. No matter how hard is your bolt it can efficiently work on it and save you. It can be a great device to assist the wheel wrench when required. It does not have the 4 way handle like the 4 way lug wrench. It becomes easier to use this single handed. ½ inch drive head of this tool can be set with any size socket to make the things really comfortable for the users. You just need to collect all size socket to solve all tightening tasks.


  • Brand EPAuto
  • Package Dimensions 14.5? x 4.4? x 1.4?
  • Item Weight 2.45 lbs
  • Usual length 13″, 19″ (Telescopic)
  • Item model number ST-001-2
  • Material Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)
  • Drive Head 1/2″
  • Socket Sizes Provided 17mm, 19mm (3/4″), 21mm(13/16″), 22mm(7/8″)


  • Made for long-lasting and efficient service
  • Maximum output with 19-inch long Telescoping handle
  • Compact tool no problem to store
  • A convenient carry bag included with the package for easy storage


  • All type of required sockets are not supplied with the package need to manage them separately

Our Remarks
A lug wrench is of many uses. You can’t restrict it to any single job. Depending on the need many types of lug wrench have developed. Automatic tools obviously like by most of the users. There is no chance that you can deny the need of this lug nut torque wrench with its 19 inches long handle. You just need to collect all the sockets to make sure you are up to every task. Enjoy your job!


Question : Is ita universal tool or specified to any special item? Thank you!
Answer : There is no problem to work on several items with this lug wrench. It does come with a socket, but it can work with other sockets that you may require for your works. So no problem.

Question : Will I be able to put into service my cheater pipe with it? What is the max diameter of the handle?
Answer : It extends to a maximum 19 inch you might not need to use any cheater pipe with it to reach the exact point. The drive head is about 0.5 inch.

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