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Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set 149 Pieces

Learning resources pretend & play school set serves two purposes. One purpose is school playset supports imaginative play, social interaction, and problem serving. And the other is encourages school readiness for your children. Learning resources pretend & play school set features a travel-friendly tri-fold board with dry erase surface and eraser, clock with moving hand, working school bell and 15 inches hand pointer.

149 pieces set of pretend and play school set includes 2 erasable crayons, 20 note sheets, 20 hall passes, 20 awards, 20 worksheets, 20 good-job stickers, 20-grade book sheets, 20 report cards and 2 double-sided dries erase sheets that include a U.S. map, world map, weather map, and calendar. The function of the bell in pretend teacher kit is giving children an authentic school day experience. The nylon tri-fold pretend school set folds flat with a hook and loop fastens. So, your little kids can pack up and take their teaching skills on the road.

With pretend school set there are plenty of teaching tools. Your child can smoothly run the class with 20 report cards, 20 hall passes, 20-grade reports and 20 awards. The measurement of the set of pretend school is 36 inches L X 16 inches H when open. This is a perfect size because when the instructor is ready, the whole class to easily see the day’s lesson. There is another type of playset. It is called doctor play set. This set prepares children if they ever have to take an emergency trip to the doctors or hospital. Like doctor playset, there is dinosaur playset is available to give your child some idea abuts pre-historic animals.

Learning toys for kids allow children to learn and play simultaneously. They encourage and develop children’s imaginative, creative and problem-solving skills. Manufactures produce educational toys for the different age group. For example, there are educational toys for 3 year olds, educational toys for 1 year old, educational toys for 2 year old. Some toys are termed as pretend, for example, pretend school toys, pretend teacher toys. Because these toys encourage children about schools.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.7 x 16.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Item model number: LER2642
  • Ideal For: Ages 3+
  • Piece Set: 149


  • Support imaginative play
  • Teach social interaction
  • Teach problem-solving
  • Encourage school readiness
  • Kids assume teacher role
  • Includes A Travel-Friendly Tri-Fold Board With Erase Surface And Eraser
  • Clock With Moving Hands
  • Working School Bell And 15 Inches Hand Pointer
  • Includes A U.S. Map And A World Map
  • Includes A Weather Map And A Calendar

Final Verdict

Learning resources pretend & play school set create a positive impression of school among young children. With this play set your child can act like a teacher. The set is actually toys for 4 year olds. The play school toys have a combination of different scientific instruments to stimulate scientific thinking in developing stage of children’s brain.

Learning resources pretend & play school set is the best educational toys. Going to school for the primary step or first time is a scary thing for many 4 or 5 years old. But this learning set creates positive feelings about starting school. This pop-up, tri-fold playset comes with 149 supplies for teaching, learning, and having fun. The items of the set allow children to present lessons, reward themselves with stickers, and write with dry-erase markers on the board.

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