Efficient Measuring With Bosch Laser Measure

Efficient Measuring With Bosch Laser Measure

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Technology now enables us to get powerful tools in small packages. From layout to distance measuring, you can get benefited greatly from technology in our job site laser tools. Sometimes to get the amazing calculating features, you might feel a need of 40 hour week of training just on the tool. Bosch GLM35 Laser Measure is a relief when it comes to the measuring jobs.

Most of the Bosch GLM series products are physically quiet same. Most of the package of Bosch laser measure comes with the required two AAA batteries. This GLM 35 is not different here. It features five buttons as opposed to the single one found on the GLM15. You will find some rubber overmold around the top, control panel, and sides on this laser meter. This might be helpful to protect it in case of a drop. It would be great to see Bosch extend the overmold around all of the edges.

The GLM 35 housing has a slightly larger footprint in length, width, and height than the old model of GLM like GLM 15. Despite the bigger size, it still easily gets in a hand, GLM15 users will feel the difference. Bosch adds a couple of extra features to make the GLM35 a little more pleasant to the pro. For useful additions, they include a sheath with belt loop.

Several changes have been made to the new Bosch Laser Measures over the GLM15. First, the range is significantly increased from 50-feet. The Bosch GLM35 has a range of 120-feet while you get 135-feet on the Bosch GLM40. The accuracy is now  about +/- 1/16″ instead of 1/8″, and the precision now lets you read to the nearest 1/16″. The increase in accuracy and precision will certainly help in woodworking, setting up the cabinetry, and countertop appliance. As with the GLM15 you get, a backlit screen to improve the visibility. When setting up any Bosch appliances in your home, it comes to action in a great way.

Getting your measurements for basic distance is easy on this compact laser measure. Just press the  power button and click the red arrow to take a measurement. Continue with the process to hold up three readings on the screen. For this function, the operation is simple and no more complex what we found on the GLM15. Like all another distance measure on the market, this model is also calibrated to get the measurement from the back of the unit.

When you turn on the unit, you’re in the continuous measure mode which is really cool. You can scroll through the functions by pressing the function button. There is an icon on the screen to let you know exactly which function you are on. It’s easy to move through the different functions as you press the button: continuous measure (on at startup), linear distance (Not having the continuous measure on), area calculation, volume calculation, and indirect measurement.

To avoid any guesswork, the GLM35 flashes which measurement you are taking in area calculation, volume calculation, and indirect modes. Simply press the red arrow button to get the laser dot on and start taking your measurements. That’s it; you’re ready to get all the necessary reading.

Our Remarks

The Bosch laser measure gives you the comfort to not only measuring it gives you the privilege to calculate the volume and area with ease. You don’t need to sit differently to calculate the area and volume when you have Bosch GLM35 with you. This laser distance measurer really makes the thing really comfortable for a professional worker. Bosch Distance Measure tools are compact in size you can easily put in your pocket and move freely anywhere you want to. The hassle of carrying measuring tape is gone when you have Bosch with you.

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