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Kreg Jig r3 Pocket Hole System Review

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

Are you finding it hard to dig an angled hole at the edge of a wood piece to make joint with another piece of wood? Your days of worry are gone. You now have the Kreg pocket hole jig to help you in the woodworks. It has got the necessary tools to drive the drill angled, and you get a connecting hole to make the furniture.

Kreg jig r3 is a simple tool that you can keep with you comfortably. It’s a 6-set kit with all the necessary tools to work on a wood piece. Angled drilling will be now a simple thing to do with the help of the frame provided with this tool. It’s just the perfect kind of tool that is able to assist any drilling you need to do in your wood pieces.

Whom is Kreg Jig r3 Pocket Hole System for?

Pocket hole jig is a complete solution to make the perfect pocket holes into your wooden workpiece. It’s a great tool that helps you to drill angled holes into the wood piece. It’s just the perfect portable tool that a woodworker may have dreamt of. With the kit, there is a clamp to keep the wood pieces tightly fixed with the workbench, and you drill the holes comfortably. You will enjoy almost the best features with this little set of pocket screw jig which is quite unbelievable.

Kreg R3 Explained

Kreg pocket hole jig is just a combination of small but effective tools. You are getting a set of necessary tools with this to support you firmly while working. Drill and drive bit, depth collar with hex key is what you need always to drive the drilling tool in the right direction with proper measurement. With the Kreg pocket hole jig, you also get a clamp pad adapter to keep the drive bit and the wood piece in the right place and keep the workpiece.

The most interesting tool you get with this Kreg jig r3 is the depth collar. You can set the collar on the drill bit according to the need and enjoy the flexibility. After setting the depth with the collar, you don’t need to think twice about how deep your drilling bit is going. Kreg pocket hole jig is simple to carry because of its weight and dimensions. A woodworker can easily put it in his toolbox and roam here and there without any kind of problem. It’s a simple tool that can be used by any level woodworker. Amateur to professional all will love this tool.


  • Product Dimension’s 8ʺ x 2.2ʺ x 5ʺ
  • Model Number R3
  • Item Weight 1.21 lbs.
  • Color Blue
  • Style Jig System
  • Measurement System Inch
  • The size that adjusts fine 1/2-Inch to 1-1/2-Inch
  • Included items Drill and drive bits, depth collar with hex key, 5 sizes of pocket hole screws, clamp pad adapter, case


  • A complete pocket hole jig set
  • A perfect tool for do-it-yourselfers
  • Simple to use
  • The smart way to carry the tool in your pocket
  • Small in size but effective


  • The plastic on the tool body not found to be that strong

Our Remarks

Kreg jig pocket hole system provides enough flexibility to drill the pocket holes in the right place and in the right angle. The clamp provided with the set holds the piece tightly with the workbench to get the right impact. Kreg Pocket hole jig r3 can be a small tool, but it ensures the perfect holes with the help of the depth collar. Now you will not be in the dark about how deep you are going. Enjoy perfect pocket hole drilling!


Question : Is it flexible with any commonly available screws in the market or need to use the screws from manufacturers?
Answer : No, it’s not the specific type you can use any screw that suits with this pocket jig system.

Question : With this package, there is no screw, and it’s smaller than R3. Is there any reason to get it?
Answer : It’s the compactness that makes you smarter. It might be smaller, but the effectiveness is not lessening, so you can have it confidently.

Question : What’s the basic difference between the R3, K4, & K5 units? Which one should I get for an advanced cabinet maker?
Answer : The K4 and K5 are meant for heavy tasks so it will be clever to use these two jigs set for heavier woodwork. The basic difference is the size all the tool does the same jig work. These are all smart tools for woodworking.

Question : How many screws am I getting with this package?
Answer : No screw is added in this package. You will need to buy screws separately.

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