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Karcher k5 Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

Is your front yard not more attractive? Is it looking pale? You might have missed the regular cleaning. Cleaning is always a task that examines your patience. Tough days are gone, now you have the power washers to help you with any outdoor cleaning task.

No matter how rough ride did you have for the last few days or the heavily spiced last night party grill every tool can be cleaned in a nip with a Karcher pressure washer. 2000 PSI of Karcher K5 pressure washer gives you the ease to clean every bit of your dirty, hard objects.

Onboard detergent tanks with the tool make it possible to make any outdoor cleaning. It’s time saving and efficient. No matter how old tiles and bricks you have in your front yard on in your home, it can be brought back to life in a few seconds by using a Karcher pressure washer.

Whom is Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer for?

Karcher understands your need very well that why they come up with such powerful tools. All the power washer from Karcher are able to create immense pressure. Karcher K5 has got the most power by now, almost 2000 PSI. Any hard cleaning task like grills, outdoor objects, transports, tiles, and bricks can be done with this tool. Every outdoor object can be brought back to life with the help of this powerful tool.

Whenever you are preparing yourself to clean your lawns, entrance, walkways you should get a power pressure washer. The tools are simple to use and really efficient to make all the outdoor tools and objects look fresh again.

Karcher K5 Explained

No more explanation is needed to describe this tool; it might look like a bit exaggeration to you. There are some facts that you need to know in details that may help you to work with ease. Its 110-volt motor is just a perfect match for the DIY users. You can simply clean all your outdoor walkway, fence, tiles pretty comfortable with it. A problem is you need to keep the tool in a solid, even place as it has the wobbling problem in an uneven surface.

Its 35-foot electric cord gives you the freedom to reach every inch of your lawns and walkways. It has got the 195mm wheel to drag it comfortably to your outdoor. Are you thinking of its weight? It’s not that much 32 lbs. This is not a heavy tool to perform the heavy duty.

Upright design of this Karcher pressure washer makes it a bit tough to handle. This design is not the perfect one for a pressure washer. It has got the tendency to topple because of its design. Onboard detergent tank makes it really convenient for the user to get the right amount of detergent and use it firmly.


  • Product Dimensions 34.3 x 13.1 x 16.8 inches
  • Item Model Numbe 16033610
  • Weight 32 pounds
  • Wheel size 195mm
  • Pressure 2000 PSI
  • Water force 1.4 GPM
  • Hose length 25 feet
  • Detergent tank Yes
  • Electric cord length 35 feet
  • Motor voltage 110 Volt
  • Warranty 2 years limited


  • Water cooling system for the induction motor
  • The cooling system increases motor life by 5x
  • Quick and smooth cleaning
  • Integrated hose reel to make the storage simple
  • The immense pressure of cleans all the debris


  • Upright design topples on an uneven surface
  • Plastic components and O ring design may not serve you in the long run

Our Remarks

When you have this kind of electric power pressure washer, you don’t really need to think much of your outdoor cleaning. You just need to maintain a routine and keep the schedule for cleaning. A half an hour cleaning with this machine can save your thousands of hours of tedious cleaning.

What’s best about this Karcher? It’s the PSI and the GPM. Another popular washer from Karcher like Karcher K2 does not provide you that much of force compared to Karcher K5. The pressure you get from this tool is really of industrial standard.


Question : What’s the voltage of the machine?
Answer : 110 Volt.

Question : Would it be safe to put into service an extension cord with it?
Answer : No it might not, the manual clearly says ‘Do not use any extension cord.’

Question : How it works with another standard quick connect accessories?
Answer : It works fine, but when you have Karcher accessories within your reach why use others.

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