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How To Use a Grease Gun Properly (with Pictures)?

How To Use a Grease Gun Properly
Written by Noah McDonnell
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Using grease is a common thing to almost everyone with a machine or mechanical appliance. It is essential for clearing the jam or reducing the cranking or unusual sounds/noises from the machine. But to use grease you need a grease gun. You cannot use it with an open hand. There are some health issues regarding grease using solely with hand.

Another fact is, if you use grease with hand, you cannot work fast. Your greasing work will be a lot faster if you use grease guns. So, you must know how to use a grease gun. In this article, we will shade some light on grease gun and how to use it efficiently.

How To Use a Grease Gun Properly

Some Need to Know Things About Grease and Grease Guns

Before getting into the gun using section let’s know some essential things about grease and grease guns. There are many types of grease lubricants in the market. The thicker and heavier types are for better performance. Some grease brands offer refill cartridge that can be directly loaded on grease guns. And another brand provides to be filled manually.

Some Need to Know Things About Grease and Grease Guns

There are different types of guns found in the market. You can check Lincoln grease gun for example. Anyway, each of the guns has its method to load the grease. Some newer versions are coming with a more comfortable greasing option. But there are three types of greasing guns that are popular among the user or mechanic. The types are, hand operated guns, air pressured guns and battery featured guns. But whatever your type is, you need to know how to use a grease gun or else type doesn’t count at all.

How to Load a Grease Gun?

Now, you’re going to learn how to use a grease gun, you need to know how to load a grease gun correctly. To load the grease gun, you need to remove the head from the barrel. Remember, you fill the barrel manually or insert a cartridge in it, the first step (removing head) stays the same.

How to Load a Grease Gun

If you want to fill grease manually, you need to insert the open end of the barrel into the container of grease. Now, position it and hold the barrel while pulling up the plunger. Lock the plunger when it is fully stretched. Move the gun barrel from side to side at the container to cut off extra grease after the barrel is full. Clean the barrel surface with some towel or paper. Attach the head and rest of the unit to grease gun. Unlock the grease gun plunger to check the flow of grease. Now, attach the coupler at the end of the extension hose to use the grease directly.

If you want to load the grease gun with a cartridge, pull back the rod handle. Lock the handle. Now open the new grease cartridge and insert it into the barrel gun. Tear the pull-tag on the end of the original cartridge. Ensure that the cartridge is entirely set at the barrel. Attach the head and unlock the rod handle. Press the rod handle, this will force the grease container, and it will release the air in it. Now, pump some grease through the nozzle to check it is working correctly or not. And now it is time to use the grease gun.

Applying Grease into Machines

Once checking is done, you can now use the gun to your machinery parts. Now, direct the gun grease where you want to put the grease. Put some pressure on through the hand crank. When enough pressure is built, pull the trigger and see the grease being applied. It is applicable for hand operated grease guns. If you use Air pressured grease gun, it will be a lot easier to apply the grease on the rotatable machinery parts. Congratulations! Now you know how to use a grease gun.

Applying Grease into Machines

How to Take Care of Greasing Gun

Taking care of grease guns are also the part of using it. If you fail to take care of it, it may not function correctly the next time you want to use it. So, here are some grease gun tips only for you.

How to Take Care of Greasing Gun

  • Always clean the grease coupler and nipple after use. You can check some best pressure washers for this. It is essential equipment for cleaning the machinery parts’ dirt.
  • Pump out the excess grease from the coupler. It will expand the life of coupler.
  • Do not mix two different types of grease in one container. It will impact severely on machinery parts.
  • Do not tighten the gun head at full force. It may cause pressure failure.
  • Always wear a pair of gloves and protection glass. It will protect you from serious health hazards.
  • If your grease is flammable, use it with caution. Always keep the safe distance.

Well, we have reached the finishing line. The final recommendation is if you want to use a grease gun, use it carefully or else you may face some serious health issues regarding this. So, stay safe, work nicely.

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