How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade?

We all know how much convenient a pole saw is. Otherwise, we would have to use a step ladder to reach high tree branches. It also helps you to do all the continual up and downing for reaching across an object easily, like a hedge. Moreover, the pruning of trees and large shrubs might not be an unknown fact to you. Now, to maintain its functionalities and protect its durability, we need to sharpen a pole saw blade routinely.

For this purpose, you should learn about the maintenance of pole saw blade. Let us tell you how you can do that. Here, we have mentioned two popular ways to sharpen a pole saw blade. You can take any of the following methods to do so.

 Using a file

It is the simplest way to sharpen a pole saw blade. Start sharpening your saw from the back. Then, take a file, put it on the teeth at a 45-degree angle and push it along the teeth shape. Make sure to hold the saw firmly while you move the file to avoid an accident. After you have completed sharpening the back side of the teeth, move to the front side and repeat the same process. The top edges needed to be sharp as well. You have to brush the file carefully on the top edges also, both from the front and back.


After the teeth, use a small and round file to sharpen the blade. Do not push it back and forth rather move it in one-way direction. This process may take time, but it sharpens efficiently.

 Using a Grinder

Besides filing, if you want to sharpen a pole saw blade professionally, then you can use a grinder machine. It holds the saw in place and gives it an elegant finish as you lower down the wheel. This method is also used to sharpen a chain.


Does it seem easy now? Now, you can sharpen a pole saw blade regularly. We have also given some tips so that you can take excellent care of your pole saw.

  • You should start the process by spraying orange oil to the blade and teeth. This will remove dirt and impurities. You can also brush them for further cleansing.
  • Be sure to file every tooth. In this case, you can also mark numbers on the teeth by using markers.
  • After you finish sharpening, spray lubricating oil to prevent rust.
  • Pick the correct size of the file that can fit between the teeth. Diamond and whetstone files work the best for this kind of filing. Others work anyways.
  • Always be patient when sharpening so that the saw does not slip and cause an accident.

Hopefully, the above techniques are useful to you as you attempt to sharpen a pole saw blade. Take care!

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