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How to Pick the Perfect Pole Saw?

How to Pick the Perfect Pole Saw
Written by Noah McDonnell
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Are you fond of trees and gardening? Likely yes…because very few people exist who would not. Those who trim trees regularly know how tough it sometimes gets as you approach to trim high-rising branches. Thanks to the pole saws! Since there are various pole saws available on the market; it is obvious to be confused on which one to choose. We have enlisted here few criteria that will let you pick the perfect pole saw:

How to Pick the Perfect Pole Saw -A Buyer’s Guide


There are three types of pole saw. You can choose any one of them based on your requirements.

Pole Saw types

 Cordless pole saw

Cordless pole saws are said to be the handiest pole saw as it removes the hassle of carrying wires and cords during pruning. It operates through a rechargeable battery. But, due to its battery pack, its operation time is very specific. If you want to extend the time for heavy duties, you can use extra battery packs.

One of the best advantages of cordless pole saw is its need for low-maintenance. You would hardly need to maintain its well-being.

Gas powered pole saw

Gas powered pole saws are mostly chosen by the professionals for its heavy-duty bars and chains and have the power to cut huge and large branches with ease. This pole saw can be extended up to 9 inches so you might distinguish its expertise in trimming high rise trees. It is good for regular use. It is heavier than the electric one and noisy also. Despite being heavy, you would not face any problem working with it as the pole saw is easy to balance.

Electric pole saw

Electric pole saws are preferred for small branches trimming as it has blades of 6”-10”. It weighs about 10 pounds that means you can carry the saw effortlessly. It does not require high maintenance as well. Plug the long extension cord before you start, aim at the branches and begin pruning with this electric pole saw.

Other Considerations

Bar length

The length of the bar provides it the capability to reach high branches. You should choose pole saw brands that possess an adequate length to reach your trees. Usually, pole saw comes with a bar length of six, ten or twelve inches.

pole saw Bar length


Price is a crucial factor and if you are willing to invest a low amount of money for your pole saw then you should go for brands that have a pocket-friendly price tag. In general, manual pole saws cost much less than the gas or electric ones.

pole saw Price


You should consider the fact that each type offers each level of power. Gas powered pole saws should be taken into consideration if you are willing to work with the most powerful and heavy-duty pole saw.

pole saw Power


Considering the fact, some people are too much brand concerned and only go for the brand that they prefer the most; we have listed here some well-recognized brands of pole saws and their model. You can pick the perfect pole saw for you from any of them.

pole saw Brands

  • Black+ Decker LPP120
  • Remington RM1025SPS
  • Sun Joe SWJ800E
  • Green Works 20192
  • Remington RM2599
  • Worx WG309
  • Fiskars
  • Oregon PS250-A6
  • Husqvarna 128LDX
  • Popular Pro PP258TP

Hopefully, we have provided you what it takes to pick the perfect pole saw. Now, your desire to be an eco-friendly human is much closer to fulfillment.

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