How To Clean A Pole Saw Blade?

Remember the time when pole saw did not exist? People used to use ladder to reach sky-crapping trees and branches. But, now they never think of pruning such branches without pole saw. It offers a smooth cutting in a well-balanced manner and make pruning very easy and convenient.

You might not be new to its benefits, if you are already using one. But possessing and utilizing anything is not enough. With possession comes responsibility also. So, you should take a very good care of your pole saw. Moreover, its longevity and efficiency would reduce to a large extent when you will stop caring about the pole saw. Cleaning pole saw blade is a crucial part of maintenance.

But if you do not know how to clean a pole saw blade, do not bother about it anymore but follow the guidelines given below that illustrate the way you can clean a pole saw:

Step 1: Wipe away impurities

The first and foremost task is to clean all the impurities, dirt and tree debris. You can do it with the help of wire brush. In order to remove the oil residue, brush it with a rag or toothbrush and degreaser.


Step 2: Cleaning the blade

Many people prefer citrus cleaner over oil. A citrus cleaner is a versatile cleaner that can be used for cleaning anything in your house.

Step 3: Using degreaser

If you are using any degreaser product, mix it with water in a container and put the blades into the container. Let the blade soak into the water for few minutes, scrub it with a rag, rinse it properly and let it dry or wipe the water from the blades.

Step 4: Disassembling the pole saw

Disassembling the pole saw is required before you clean a pole saw blade and put the blades in the container. For this purpose, remove blades from the pruner. You can take expert’s help for this or unscrew the blade.


Step 5: Sharpening the blade

Put the blade on a table where you would clean the blade and keep the edges facing up. Take a sharpening rod and push it forward only between the two teeth. This will file away the meat and sharpen the blade. Keep doing this for few times until you see the filings being developed on the back side of the blade. Make sure to file all the teeth on the blade. The back side of the blade should be rubbed with file as well. It is required to remove the burrs from the blade.


Step 6: Using sprayer to finish cleaning

After sharpening coat the pole saw blade by spraying oil on it to prevent rust and corrosion.


Do not forget to have sharp blades with files that fit appropriately in the teeth. Diamond and whetstone files are being widely used for filing. So, this is how you can clean a pole saw blade and maintain it also. It does not take much effort. Just invest your time to avoid replacing your favorite pole saw in the future. Keep pruning and build an eco-friendly environment.

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