How Efficiently Can You Assemble Pole Saw?

Pole saw is a wonderful creation which is actually a small curved saw blade mounted on a long handle and used as a pruner for trimming branches that are beyond our reach. Now, if you have already estimated its functionalities and got yourself one, you must be very excited to use it. But, working with a pole saw can never likely to happen, if you do not know how to assemble pole saw at the first place.

So, in order to help you get out of such issue, we have provided a step by step guide here that describe the procedure you can apply to assemble pole saw:

Step 1 : Understanding parts

Knowing the parts and components is a crucial factor. You should know what an average pole saw includes and make sure you have got all of them. A usual pole saw consists of main body, pole saw, chain, bar, cover and hex key that contains screwdriver attachment.

Step 1-Understanding parts image

Step 2 : Uncovering sprocket

The next step is to uncovering sprocket on the main body. This can be done by taking the hex and unscrew the pocket over the bolt. Rotate the hex in an anti-clockwise direction and take the cover out of the body.

step 2-uncovering sprocket image

Step 3 : Working with chain

As the cover is removed, the following task is to organize the chain and straighten it. In this case, if the chain should be in the right travel direction. If it is not in the right direction, loop over the chain and set in a way so that the teeth adjust with the bar.

step 3-working with chain image

Step 4 : Chain Adjustment

When the chain is set properly, you should link the chain drives to the bar groove afterwards. You should link the chain carefully and ensure that it is attached accurately. Otherwise, a chain that is not fixed properly may lead to serious accident.

step 4-chain adjustment

Step 5 : Fixing the loop

After the attachment, a loop remains at the end of the bar. Now, take the bar and place the loop around the sprocket and adjust the chain with it also. Before you do it, you should loosen the tensioner pin with the help of your fingers. It is done to confirm that the tensioner pin passes through the tensioner hole on the bar.

step 5-fixing the loop

Step 6 : Attaching chain tensioner screw

As the chain and bar is fixed to the sprocket, it is required to tighten the chain tensioner screw so that the bar and chain can hold and stay on the sprocket. The screw needs to be tightened completely in this matter.

step 6-attaching chain tensioner screw

Step 7 : Covering sprocket

This step involves covering the sprocket. Take the cover and insert rear tab into slot. Just placing it into the slot does not secure its placement. So, to attach the cover take the hex key, put in the bolt and turn it into clockwise direction but not too tightly. The cover is lightly fixed so it can create room to work with the tensioner.

step 7-covering sprocket

Step 8: Remove slack and fix sprocket cover

You should remove all the slack from the chain by turning the chain tensioning screw clockwise. By doing so, the chain and bar stays in its place safely. After this, tighten the sprocket cover bolt using the hex key again.

step 8-remove slack and fix sprocket cover

As the following steps are completed, make sure that all parts and accessories are fixed properly and the chain moves in the direction of travel faultlessly. We hope our guide on how to assemble pole saw provided a clear understanding of pole saw and its assembly. For further detailed instruction, we would recommend you to observe the manual that comes with the pole saw.

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