How does a dual fuel generator work?

You are trimming the tree branches with a pole saw, and there is a power shortage. What do you do now? Are you thinking to buy a generator? Well, we can guess what you are thinking of before purchasing a generator. We know availability and affordability are the primary concerns of every going to be customers. Worry not; we are living in an advanced technology era. Everything including generators are made to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Dual fuel generator is like that. It has more options such as easy to use, fuel switching and selecting ability according to availability. There are many dual fuel generators in the market. Some are cool like champion dual fuel generator. But you need to know the functions of dual fuel generator first. Then you are good to go.

The primary functions of dual fuel and tri fuel generator

I will not complicate your understanding of mechanical terms. Just know dual fuel generator has two fuel options such as either gasoline or propane. And tri fuel generator generates with gas or propane or natural gas.

The primary purpose of this two generator is same but with less or more options. The dual or tri fuel option is for ease of use. If you are out of gasoline, you can use propane. If these two fuels are not available, you can go for natural gas to use the generator.


Some need to know factors about fuel types

Yes, it is an essential matter to know about different fuel types. If you know their characteristics and usability, you can quickly decide which dual or tri fuel generators you need to buy.

  • Gasoline- It is the most popular fuel type among generator users. The main reason is, it is available everywhere and affordable to buy. It is suitable for a short time or emergency use. But regarding storage and availability, gasoline has a short shelf life. And in the time of emergency situations like a natural disaster, you might not get it or order it.
  • Propane- It is second popular option among the fuel types. It has the most extended shelf life, and you can store it like diesel. It is cheaper than gasoline. But it is not available everywhere.
  • Natural Gas- You may get confused with natural gas and gasoline, don’t be. Just know one thing, gasoline is liquid in form and natural gas is like air. You cannot store it. It is the cheapest fuel among fuel types. But if you use natural gas with your generator, you cannot move it as like dual fuel portable generator.
  • Diesel- The last but the best fuel type because of the overall utility of diesel as a type of fuel. It is chosen for a substantial and extended period use. But it is more expensive than others. And there are little dual, or tri fuel generator supports diesel.


The benefit of dual fuel generator

Well, you may have already found out the benefits of dual fuel generator. But to ease and firm your findings let’s have a look at these benefits below.

  • Different fuel options depending on availability- The main benefit of dual fuel generator is, you can use any fuel type which is available to you. Suppose, you go out to a place where there is no propane or natural gas. But you may get there gasoline or diesel easily. So, with dual fuel generator, you never run out of the option.
  • Handy in the time of natural disaster- You cannot get propane or natural gas easily in the time of natural disaster. But who is stopping you from using other fuel options?
  • Switch fuel type according to weather type- You can switch fuels according to weather type. In summer you can store propane and use it in winter as there is not enough vapor pressure in the tank. Another fact is propane is directly proportional to temperature. It is dense in winter and expands in summer. So, you have the double quantity in winter. It is the charm of dual fuel generator.


What’s your opinion, aren’t the dual fuel generator beneficial and full of options? Just think about a time you cannot get your desired fuel type. You have an alternative, and you can use gasoline instead of propane. Or you can use natural gas instead of diesel as it is cheaper than all.

But keep in mind; choose the dual fuel generator according to your favorite fuel types as you have propane, gasoline or natural gas, diesel options. You can choose only two as it is dual fuel mode.

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