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Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Replacement Blade Review

Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade

Recently, the name of Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade has been very well favored by the DIY professionals due to its durability and fast pruning operation. Therefore, we love to bring you this Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade review.

If you want to have this pruner blade, please be sure about its performances in time of pruning tree. The Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade can prune any tree easily, and it is quite fast while you are cutting a tree with it. Also, this pruner blade is replaceable. So, you can easily change it if it gets damaged. Besides, you need to know the details before buying or selecting it as your choice.

Feature Analysis

1. Durable

The Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade is durable and long lasting because it is made from stainless steel. This is why it doesn’t get damaged easily. Also, it can serve you for a long time because of being durable.

2. Easier to change

This pruning blade is very easier to replace. This is why the pruner can change it at any time in any place if the trimmer has its availability with him. Also, this easier system of replacement saves the time of the trimmer.

3. Fast cutting

The Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade is very fast in cutting because of having sharp teeth. This fast cutting system mainly depends on its sharpness and its freeness from the stickiness which is found at the time of cutting the tree.

4. Non-sticky

The Gilmour 502 Tree Pruner Blade is quite fast for being non-sticky. Also, this feature lessens the pressure required for pruning any tree.


  • Product dimension 17″ x 3″ x 1″
  • Item Weight 4.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight 5.6 Ounces
  • Manufacturer Gilmour
  • Item Model Number 502


  • Easily changeable
  • Fast cutting
  • Long lasting
  • Time-saving
  • Money Saving
  • Easily affordable
  • Available in every outlet


  • You have to change it many times in a month

Final Verdict

If you are a gardener, it is necessary for you more. Also, you can compare its features of easily changeable, fast cutting, time-saving, money-saving and easily affordable with the available alternatives before buying the product.

Also, we hope that you might find its features better than the features of its alternatives. However,
you may need to change this blade many times in a month. So, you need to buy some blades or bear the sharpener for it.

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