Top 10 Gardening Magazines That Make Your Gardening More Fun

Gardening magazines are your best friends if you are an enthusiastic gardener. They inspire you to be more active and make your gardening experience more fun.  They will also teach you many gardening techniques, tell you about new plants, and provide you with wonderful gardening designs. So, let’s explore the best 10 gardening magazines that might change your gardening ideas to make your garden look spectacular.

Top 10 Gardening Magazines

Country Gardens

This gardening magazine is published by the Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications. You may find this particular gardening magazine very useful because it illustrates and discusses everything about real gardens. It inspires the real gardeners with different interests and different challenges that enhance the beauty of the garden. You might also find the planting diagrams of this magazine very useful. So, this gardening magazine can easily be your best friend in the case of gardening.


The English Garden

This magazine will provide you with some very useful articles to give you all the new information about gardening. This magazine is the best for those gardeners who have a private garden and take meticulous care for it. The most interesting and unique feature of this magazine is the tips and knowledge shared by the real private garden owners. If you have a garden of your own, you should consider buying the English Garden magazine.


Fine Gardening

If you don’t have enough time to read several gardening magazines, you should at least try this one. This magazine will tell you exactly what’s important at the moment and what should you do in different seasons. It publishes the writings of the expert gardeners and the writings of the new gardeners as well. It helps you know the problems and the solutions for many gardening aspects.


Garden Design

The name of the magazine says it all. It’s all about designing your garden to reach the highest level of elegance. If you want to learn how to design your garden, Garden Design is your best choice. The Garden Design showcases the most elegantly designed gardens in the world. The designs of the gardens of this magazine are always innovative and charming. The photos of those gardens will soothe your eyes.


Garden Gate

If you hate to see advertisements in a magazine, the Garden Gate is the best choice for you. It has no advertisements. The magazine, like all other gardening magazines, contains lots of colorful pages of gardens and tips about how to do gardening. The difference is that it contains no advertisements. It will also suggest the best products and tools to use for your garden according to your need.


The Garden

The Garden is published every month of the year. The Garden contains a gorgeous and exciting selection of features. Even if you are not interested in gardening, you will love to read this magazine because of its features and photos. The Garden also provides you with all the latest news of developments, shows, trials, and other research activities from the RHS.


Organic Life

From the beginning, the name of this magazine was Organic Gardening. It is a publication of the Rodale Institute. The folks of the institute wrote the book on organic gardening. Organic Life is slightly different from other organic gardening magazines because it tells a lot about vegetable gardening besides usual gardening. Vegetable gardening is a topic that is not often seen in other gardening magazines. So, if you love vegetable gardening, this is the magazine you might choose.


Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated is another great British gardening magazine. This magazine is available in the U.S. and Canada also. It features various British estate gardens. If you are interested in investing a handsome amount of money into gardening and having a great and large garden, Gardens Illustrated is the magazine for you. Other people might also find it useful because of its effective tips and suggestions about the best products and tools they need to use for gardening.


BBC Gardener’s World

BBC Gardener’s World is a magazine from widely celebrated and popular 50-year old BBC TV show. This magazine has been a favorite of the green-fingered gardeners who are passionate to design a blooming garden. The magazine features a lot of practical advice for getting your garden into a great shape. It also features the expert tips and interviews with many prominent gardeners.


Modern Garden

There is no better magazine than the Modern Garden to get the ideas to make your garden look as stylish as your home. This magazine contains some simple ideas that can change the looks of your home and garden to create a harmonious elegance. You will get a lot of easy but innovative ideas in this magazine every month. It will also inspire you to take all the necessary steps to make your home look spectacular.


Gardening magazines are not only for gardeners. You may also enjoy reading gardening magazines even if you are not a gardener. However, if you are a gardener, gardening magazines are your best friends who will provide you with everything you need to know about gardening.

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