Fiskars Pole Pruner Blade review

As you know for easy prune those high branches in your home or workplace yard pole pruner is convenient. A sharp and sharp blade is your first concern before buying a pole pruner. Sometimes you may lose your blade, or you need a new blade for better cutting after a certain period.

Here we present you Fiskars Pole Pruner Blade that comes with stainless steel. It is super durable having a long-lasting sharp edge. This blade is 12 inches long and corrosion resistant which will make the trimming task very comfortable.

Fiskars Pole Pruner Blade Overview

Over time, the sharp edge blade of your long-lasting pole pruner may become dull. If you find yourself having extra pressure and effort to get through limbs and branches, then we recommend it may be the time for a new blade.

This Fiskars Pole Pruner Blade comes with anti-rust technology, durable, sharp edge and corrosion free. The blade is 12 inches long and capable of cutting higher or more distant branches. It gives you feelings of comfort and smooth cutting.

Fiskars is a well-known company that serves its customer for more than a decade. The main weapon for their business is their quality product and services.


  • Blade Length: 12 inches
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel
  • Blade type: Curved
  • Item Dimensions: 6 X 1 X 15
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

Feature Analysis

3.1Stainless steel

This pole saw blades features with antirust stainless-steel technology which extend the durability of the blade. This ensures smooth trimming experience.

3.2Strong, sharp edge

Strong, sharp blade minimize your pressure and gives comfort while you are cutting from beneath. This is the most concerning features that you need to see before buying a pole blade.

3.3Corrosion free

To be honest after years of uses any blade must be a little dull. But especially this blade comes with corrosion free features that maximize the performance time than any other ordinary blades.

3.412-Inch Blade

This is a 12 inches pole saw blade. This will be helpful to cut branches without lifting your foot off the ground.

Pros & Cons


  • Stainless steel
  • Long blade
  • Durable
  • Sharp edge


  • Price little high apparently but not regarding features

Final Verdict

To get utmost comfort in these types of work, it needs a strong and sharp blade. After years of uses, the blade needs to be changed. Otherwise, you may get hassle during work. You need to bit cautious before buying a pole saw blade as plenty of blades available on the market. You should look for the features that necessarily needed for a comfort trimming.

As we discussed already that This Fiskars Pole Pruner Blade comes with all those necessary features that a person need to cut branches. It will bring you the experiences cutting through tough branches smoothly.

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