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Fiskars 7–16 Feet Extendable Pole Saw Review

Trimming the overstretched or overgrown branches while hanging on your ladder is what neither a professional nor a DIY expert would do. Pole saws are designed to make it effortless to trim shrubs and limbs which you cannot safely reach from the ground.

Fiskars is a Finnish company with centuries of experience in their portfolio. Let’s know about Fiskars 7–16 Feet Extendable Pole that has claimed to be on top of most pole saws in today’s market.

Feature Analysis

1. Powerful Cuts

With two-in-one trimming, system trim large and small branches alike. It boasts a chain drive gearing mechanism that gives you up to 3X more power during pruning, and a powerful WoodZig saw

2. Controllable Reach

This Fiskars pole saw comes with a unique oval shaped, which significantly reduces flex during extension and allows you to better control cut direction. Also, a hooked saw attached to branches to prevent losing the cut groove.

3. Superior Locks

This pruning saw has an advanced double-locking system. This is a unique combination of a flip lock and internal spring button lock. It ensures super stability when in use.

4. Corrosion resistant blade

The blade material of this item is made of steel; it has a bypass type blade cutter, has coated blades, and is corrosion resistant.


  • Product Dimensions 2.2″ x 7.8″ x 82″
  • Item Weight 5.85 pounds
  • Manufacturer Fiskars Garden


  • Cuts both large and small branches
  • Assigned to allow for precise control of the direction of the cut
  • Superior lock system allows for optimal stability
  • Low friction coating enables smooth cuts, enhanced rust resistance and reduced gumming


  • Saw and pruner required a little too much muscle work

Final Verdict

This Fiskars 7–16 Feet Extendable Pole Saw is a useful tool for the household. You might have thought that anything tied to a stick and used for pruning can do it for you. But when you started using, you might see how much comfortable it is to work with a pole saw. Working with a pole saw does not require any muscle work.

However, we ultimately appreciate the affordability and versatility of this Fiskars extendable pole saw. We hope this will be a worthy investment for your household.

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