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Evolution Rage 2 Review for Plumbers & DIY-ers

Evolution RAGE 2 Review for Plumbers &amp

Are you in quest of an accurate tool for wood and aluminum cutting? You may need to work faster by crafting correct and precise shapes on wood or steel. You used to have a chop saw; a machine that wouldn’t operate and work properly according to the size, shape, and measurement you required on your project. The blade is used to carry dull within a few weeks. So, you decided to have an improved chop saw for accurate and proper cutting. With faster and accurate cutting with Tungsten carbide blade, Evolution Power Tools RAGE 2 Chop Saw is an ideal solution for your woodworking project. But you should make yourself determined and confident whether you can rely on this product based on proper material and suitable features for your convenient usage. Are you still concerned to get the product in hand? Then, search the details about the product in this Evolution RAGE2 review.

Key Features of Evolution Power Tools RAGE 2

1. Multipurpose Cutting Technology

It enables you to cut mild steel, aluminum, and wood with a single blade. Even wood with embedded nails can be cut precisely with this cutting chop saw. Also, it features a hi-torque gearbox that reduces motor stress while you work at a stretch.

2. Faster and Cleaner Saws

This chop saw can out-perform abrasive saws. In our latest testing that shows, 1 Multipurpose TCT blade lasts longer than 20 abrasive discs.

3. No Heat & Sparks

This machine cuts through 6mm mild steel with no heat. It also burns with virtually no sparks, leaving prompt, effective finish, unlike different methods.

4. Swivel Clamping

The swivel is a connection that enables connected object with a gun, chair or swivels rotating horizontally or vertically. This fast action clamping machine’s mechanism enables 0-45 degree mitre cuts.

5. Tungsten Carbide Blade

The tungsten carbide blade is used in this machine to provide you smooth, clean and chip-free finish on the top and bottom edges of plywood and laminates. The ultra-high grade 36-tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade provides smooth and accurate cut just the way you want.


  • Type Evolution Power Tools RAGE 2 Chop Saw
  • Product Dimensions 23 x 12 x 24 inches
  • Compatible Material Metal, Plastic, Wood
  • Model Number RAGE2
  • Part Number RAGE2
  • Power Source Corded-Electric
  • Arbor Hole Diameter 1.0-inches
  • Included Bare-tool
  • Material Metal
  • Size 14-inch Chop Saw
  • Item Weight 46lbs
  • Used for Cutting and chopping
  • Color Orange


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fast and accurate
  • Multipurpose cutting
  • Powerful rage blade


  • Clamping support is not sturdy enough

Our Findings

1. Performance

I had purchased this chop saw after returning the similar unit with comparable features. I have studied several websites to get a saw machine like this. Later, I came into a conclusion that I should choose the RAGE2 one as it has many positive reviews. You will notice from the first operation that it would function smoothly and gently without any noticeable vibration. I was more than satisfied with this chop saw that it could smoothly cut through the steel including secure and faster operation. This machine has a three-year warranty which ensures you to use the product without any issue. The only drawback I have faced was the uneven and unbalanced issue when I was constantly using it.

In a word, I have been reviewing this Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 for an ample amount of time, and I didn’t find any significant changes in performances. This chop saw offers powerful and accurate cutting with tungsten carbide blade which gives it a distinct meaning within all Cutting Chop Saws out there.

2. Ease of use

I was searching for several cutting saw options but later ended up picking the RAGE2. The chop saw looked well-made. The appearance looks sturdy, and the steel body looked remarkably strong. Though the unbalance issue happens in between, following a few little adjustments of the blade made it worked great. Overall, the machine was easy to handle.

How to use and maintain Evolution Rage 2

1. Using Evolution Rage 2

  • Use a pencil and tape to measure mark line
  • Line up the material with the saw blade
  • Line up the blade with mark line
  • Cut the object according to mark line
  • You should take an accurate mark before cutting
  • Always unplug the saw before removing blades

2. Maintaining Evolution Rage 2

  • Turn off and unplug the saw
  • Remove any sawdust or wood chips
  • Apply a small amount of lubricant on the blade
  • Plug the saw and examine the blade for accurate working

Whom is Evolution RAGE 2 ideal for?

If you are planning to enlarge your workshop, a chop saw is one of your requirements. Whether you are a shop owner, plumber, handyman or DIY-ers who are in quest of providing your work more accurate and precise crafts, you should have a better chop saw. This chop saw provides faster and accurate cutting with proper blade size and deep cut, so, it would be a convenient tool for the exact wood job or steel cutting. You may take a look at Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 chop Saw.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Although we have been more than judgmental about Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 than most customers on Amazon did. Its excellent 4.4 stars with over 100 feedbacks from real consumers would be enough to make a decision about RAGE2 Chop saw as a better product, but specific consumers went above the average positive lines as they shared their unpleasant experiences due to the uneven and unbalanced issue of the blade.

However, this product is durable, and it features mild steel cutting and Tungsten carbide blade that are the strong beneficial features of this product.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you have read the Evolution RAGE2 review, and it takes us to make the final results about this product. You are impatiently waiting for the effect that we have in hand. When we reviewed this product for a long time, later, we made a conclusion that this product could perfectly work with precision. As this product features multipurpose cutting technology and faster cutting, also it has Tungsten carbide blade which ensures clean and chip-free blade that helps to cut the steel with precision; So, Evolution RAGE2 is surely a better product than most of the chop saws out there.


Question : Is this machine includes only a tool or blade included?
Answer : The RAGE2 comes with a blade, and this blade comes with a 14-inch multipurpose blade (RAGE355BLADE). Just unbox, and you are ready to go

Question : What is the minimum thickness it can cut?
Answer : The RAGE2 can cut thin material, but to tell you the precise and smooth cut with the supplied blade, It can cut 1/8-inch thick steel.

Question : What about the motor rpm with the blade?
Answer : This RAGE2 saw spins at 1450 RPM. This Evolution 14-inch blades can effectively go beyond or maximum 1600 RPM.

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