Every Pole Saw Feature Explained

There was a time when we would select a product by judging how strong and durable it is. But, as the time went by, every company became more cautious about the power and longevity of their products. So, the point of focus shifted, and now we judge a product by the number of features that they have in them.

The same applies to a pole saw too. We try to look for more pole saw feature and often prefer the ones with more features. The manufacturers picked up on this, and they started to put more and more features on their gadgets, and as a result, some unnecessary features were also appearing on the pole saw.

So, How do we determine which pole saw feature is really important and which are there to sit as a showoff? Well, we judge the feature with some criteria, we will talk about all of this in this article. Personally, I feel that the power is a key feature of the pole saw, not when you consider the brute strength but the way the power can be used.

I have been working with woods for as long as I can remember, and pole saw is one of my most used equipment. Many of you might be new to the use of meat grinder in your day-to-day life. So, I thought I should give you some heads up on the pole saw features to help you decide which features are more important and which are less.

 Why Is Feature Important?

Before you can start sorting which features you want in your pole saw, you must know why features are so important. Without knowing the importance, you will not know which feature you need to make your work easier. I think that features in a pole saw are particularly very essential because it is a very risky and tough job;


  • Ensure Comfort: those of us who have used a pole saw previously know how hard and tiring it can get. It puts some pressure on your arm and shoulder muscle.
  • Provide Safety: Safety is one of the most significant issues when it comes to dangerous electric equipment like pole so. There are so many ways that an accident may happen with this power tool. But, with the proper pole saw feature we can eliminate this risk and have a safer time with the pole saw.
  • Ensure Versatility: Today, a useful tool is all about versatility. No one wants to buy a hundred different kinds of tool to complete slightly different tasks. So, we look for a more versatile product which will take care of more than one kind of task. So, good features can be the key to versatility.
  • Maximized Power: There is really strong pole saw out there in the market. But, you cannot judge the saw by its strength, but rather what features are available to maximize the strength. Good features allow the user to use the motor power properly without any trouble.
  • User Convenience: We do not like to use the tools that are hard to control, keep, carry and store. It gets frustrating, and we lose our will to work with it. So, a pole saw must be user-friendly and allow them to be more swift and free.
  • Adapting To Technology: As time is moving forward, advance technology and mechanism is being introduced in each sector. The timber sector is no different at all. So, to keep up with the want, you need a pole saw that has enough good features.

 Regular Features


There is some feature which is visible. Without these, a pole saw will not be complete. Every pole saw must have these basic features in them. Otherwise, it will not be able to stand the market competitions. The degree of excellence of each of these features might vary from one brand to another, but the basic mechanism of these features is the same

  • Strong Motor: This should come as no surprise that a strong motor is one of the most important features of a pole saw. To do the job quickly and to avoid tiring your hands, you need a pole saw that a strong motor power.
  • Controllable Power Modes: This pole saw feature is comparatively later discovered. There is some work that needs more power and other where you need to give gentle strokes. So, it is important to have a controllable power mode so you can decide how much power you need at which time.
  • Adjustable Length: Well, this is the feature that differentiates a regular saw from a pole saw. A pole saw must have the ability to adjust the length. Whether it be completely adjustable or folded adjustable, this tool must have a way to extend its length.
  • Easy Maneuverability: Everyone expects a pole saw to be easily maneuverable. Not everyone is a pro at using a pole saw, plus, almost everyone wants one switch actions from their gadgets. So, manufacturers are providing more maneuver options in their saws.
  • Solid Construction: The construction material is another most important regular feature. It determines whether your pole saw would be long-lasting or not. So, you must have a good coating, good body materials and good design available with your pole saw.
  • Safety Functions: The last of the regular pole saw features is the safety function. Like I mentioned earlier before, you need to be particularly concerned about the safety feature. That’s why most pole saws come with safety switch, auto stoppage of power, hands guard, and other safety functions.

 Hidden Features

These are the hidden features available in a pole saw. You cannot identify these from the look of the body. You need to go through the manufacturer’s guide to know them. Each brand tries to come up with a different combination of the features to stand out from the others. You might not get all of them in a single pole saw. You have to analyze which features are more important for you and then pick the pole saw accordingly


  • Automatic Lubrication: This feature helps you to take care of your machine without putting many efforts into it. You can easily lubricate your pole saw and avoid the jamming with the self-lubrication feature. It releases oil whenever it feels that your gadget requires some care.
  • Auto Adjustments: Auto adjustment feature is one of the most talked about things for the past five years. As a serious tool enthusiast, I think that there will be a time when most of the feature will be auto adjusting. The pole saw has some auto adjustment functions such as the adjustment of the chain, the adjustment of power surge and the adjustment of the head.
  • Different Resistance: To be more durable, a gadget needs to be able to resist different things and conditions. The most typical pole saw features include but not surely limited to water resistance, corrosion resistance, fog resistance, shock resistance and scratch resistance. These are vital if you want your tool to have a longer life.
  • Attachment Options: You can simply make your pole saw more versatile by exploring the attachment options. So, a good saw pole must be compatible with a lot of different attachments.
  • Convenience Mechanism: Last but not the least, a pole saw must be very convenient. This makes the usability of the tool easier. So, easy storage, easy folding, easy carrying, easy adjustment and easy installation should have utmost priority. Otherwise, you will not get much satisfaction out of the pole saw.

Things to Remember

While deciding which pole saw to buy, you must first identify which feature you want from it. But, it is often a wise idea to prefer safety, strength, and comfort to any other advantages. Try not to pick an overcomplicated gadget as it will make things harder for you. Plus, if you have a limited budget then do not focus on the hidden features but rather on the common features. If you can buy a pole saw with good common features then you are already a winner. Have a priority checklist with you when you go to buy the pole saw, it will be a lot easier process through that.


Fixing your mind on a particular pole saw can be though, especially because there are many makes and models of pole saws. But, if you simply follow this guide list, then you will have a clear idea of what you need from a pole saw. Some pole saw feature is less important than the others. Personally, I think it all depends on your preferences and how you would like to make the best use of your power tool.

But, hopefully, now you have a proper idea about all the important features of a pole saw and will be able to make a good purchasing decision. Thank you for your patience throughout my long article. By the way, do not forget to keep your safety gears on when you are out there pole sawing. Until then, have a good day!

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