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Dewalt dw734 Benchtop Planer Review

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp Benchtop Planer

If you have worked closely with woodworking project, you might have experienced that how hard it is to get a wood piece of custom thickness. A wood planer can help you out from this hassle. Surely there are other ways to decrease the width of a wood piece, but most of the workers have found the wood planer more efficient and easier to deal with.

This kind of tool makes the uneven wood smooth that helps the workers to carry on with the piece for the next step. If you have seen the manual wood planning task, you will simply wonder how tough was those days. This automatic tool has really changed the scenario; it’s now super easy to get the perfect width of a wood piece.

Dewalt 734 can be really handy to get the wood planning task done. In this tool, you simply put your piece of wood in the infeed table and set the width according to the need and then switch on the tool it will start its own mechanism to level the surface of the wood piece. By going through the wood piece, you will get an even and smooth piece of wood to start the working.

Whom is Dewalt dw734 Benchtop Planer for?

It’s a powerful tool that helps to make the wood piece clean and smooth for the next woodworks. Every woodworker needs this kind of powerful tool to make the things really simple. Working on an uneven and freshly bought wood piece requires the great attention of the worker.

With the help of this benchtop wood planer, a worker can simply set the depth and resize the workpiece for the next working steps. Keep it in mind that it was never an easy task before the arrival of this kind of automatic planers.

DEWALT DW734 Explained

Dewalt has been impressive on their power tools. A variety of tools are produced with quality from the Dewalt. This DEWALT Planer is no different from this. It’s a tool of great power. The tool runs on 15 amp of current supply. It’s a benchtop tool that helps to work comfortably with the wood pieces. You can set it according to your required height. It’s a pretty heavy tool of 80 lbs. This weight and its sturdy construction ensure that it does wobble while you are working.

It’s among the heavy Dewalt tools that require a corded power supply. You also can’t expect this heavy tool to run on just a simple battery. This Benchtop planer uses 3 blades to cut the surface of the wood piece. The blades used in this tool are both reversible and disposable. It also has the safe four column carriage to avoid snipe which is really helpful for the finest finishing.


  • Product Dimensions 24 x 17 x 21 inches
  • Weight 80 pounds
  • Item model number DW734
  • Part Number DW734
  • Warranty 3 years limited warranty


  • Disposable and reversible knives with the tool
  • Extra-long tables for comfortable input and output
  • Four column carriage lock to avoid any accident
  • Adjustable table carriage helpful for avoiding snipe
  • Fast and easy one tool knife changing


  • May need to change the blades in the 3-month interval

Our Remarks

No doubt DEWALT DW734 is a useful tool for the woodworkers. You can’t just deny a 12.5-inch planer. It has got the power and sturdy construction to tackle any kind of wood piece.

You might find the blades bit problematic as you need to change it in a regular basis. It’s quite natural that a blade gets dull after using for a short period. When you are performing a lot of woodwork with it, you may need to change the blade bit early. If you already have this Dewalt DW 734 planer and wanting to upgrade you can check out DEWALT DW735. Its 13-Inch width and Two Speed variation will help you in a better way.


Question : Is the carriage lock adjustable, to reduce the snipe?
Answer : The lock is adjustable and the adjustment surely going to help you. The tables are waxed at the joints if you are in a cold region you might need to use a hot blower to work the things for you.

Question : How many woods can be planned with a set of knives?
Answer : There is no strict rule for this. The depth of cut and the moisture on the workpiece really makes the change.

Question : Would you like to upgrade to a 13? model with 2 speeds or happy with this model?
Answer : I’m happy with this model. It’s providing the support I need. No real urgency to upgrade.

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