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Dake b10 Press Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Press Review

Dake B-10 Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Press

Are you finding it hard to crush a coconut? Do you need something that can perform the entire crushing job? If yes, then Dake B-10 is the tool that you might need. It’s a hydraulic press that can generate immense pressure. It’s a tool that can help you to get a variety of tasks done. Even a blacksmith can easily perform his daily task on this manual tool.

This may not be a 100 ton press, but it has got the efficiency to make most of the things done for you. The key to this tool is its capacity of 10 ton press. It’s a bit confusing, right? How manually can you get this much of the load? With the tool, you have the long handle and the piston that helps to get the high load of pressure. You can measure the pressure on the gauge, whether it’s giving you the best from it.

Whom is Dake b10 Press for?

It’s a manual tool; you don’t need any power source to use the machine. You can use this powerful tool for crushing and molding objects that are a relatively easier crush. It has got the capacity to take on 10 ton load, but you also need to keep in mind that it is manually operated. So, there is a limitation to use it. You might not be able to crush just anything with it like the automatic hydraulic press machine.

Crushing any small parts, processing fat-free cocoa powder has been just nothing for it. Any type of Smith works can be performed conveniently using this H framed manual hydraulic press. You may also need this small hydraulic press to set any metal object inside another one.

Dake B-10 Explained

When you have a hydraulic bench press like this, you don’t need to be panicked to crush anything. You just need to get the tool and set it on your workplace. You will need 3/8 inch bolts to set the press on top of your workbench. This iron frame press has got the strength to accumulate all the pressure and help you to get the entire job done.

It’s really quite amazing to have 10 tons of pressure from a mini hydraulic press. It’s a perfect tool for your personal use. This much pressure is enough for doing a lot of stuff. It has got the perfect dimension for setting it on top of your workbench. Perfect long handle with the piston helps to get the pressure right from the start, no real hard work for a user. What about the hydraulic press price? The price is not an issue when you get a high-performance tool in your private workshop. If you want to measure it based on price, then it is going to be a great investment, no doubt.


  • Overall Dimension 23″x 18″x 36″
  • Table Dimensions 16-3/4 x 3″ (W x L)
  • Model Number 972200
  • Weight 132 lbs.
  • Includes Flat Ram Nose, Reduced Step Nose, Two Table Plates
  • Load Capacity 10 tons or 20000 pounds
  • Material Iron
  • Max. Working Height 16
  • Min. Working Height 4″
  • Press gauge diameter 2-1/2″
  • Ram Travel 6″


  • Adjustable height of the H frame helpful for proper positioning
  • Movable workhead provides off-center pressing facility
  • Smooth release valve to return the ram into the place after downstroke
  • Table plates with the tool offer precise pressing and support
  • High load capacity


  • Downgraded paint on the body

Our Remarks

If you are looking for a hydraulic press to help you in the backyard, it is the right kind of tool for you. It’s simple to in the workshop. You can comfortably start your desired work. As it is a heavy duty tool though it is not that much heavier. This feature also makes it an easy choice for home users. Adjustable height of the H frame helps the user to have the works done for any size object, which is really great while working on a hydraulic press.


Question : Does the pressure gauge read this high pressure? Will it be Holding the pressure all time?
Answer : It goes straight to 10 tons and holds it while you are working.

Question : What about the hydraulic oil?
Answer : You will get the hydraulic oil in the pump.

Question : What size bolt do I need to mount the tool on work surface?
Answer : You will need 3/8ʺ bolt to set the tool on a work surface.

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