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Top 10 Best Coil Spring Compressor (2023)

Coil Spring Compressor
Written by Noah McDonnell
Last Update: December 27, 2022

Have you faced the hassle of taking your car to the mechanic now and then for fixing small issues? Many people do. Although fixing cars might not be something that you’d typically do, but you can surely fix some problems all by yourself without prior experience. Replacing your car’s suspension is something that you might want to do by yourself.

The suspensor of the cars acts as a shock absorber when the vehicle hits a bumpy road. These tend to wear out after you’ve traveled for quite a while.  When these wear out, you can easily replace them at your garage.

To replace the suspensor, you’d need some basic tools which include a coil spring compressor. These are convenient tools and can help you replace the suspension of your car with minimal effort.

Best Coil Spring Compressor Reviews

Now you may ask, ‘Replacing the suspension is very easy. We’ll unscrew the nuts and pull out the suspension…’

This is a question asked by a majority of people. Most people may disregard the use of a coil spring compressor and try to remove the suspensor all by themselves. This can be a dangerous act because the suspensor is held tightly in place under immense pressure. If you try to remove the surface nut that holds the suspension in place without the spring compressor tool, the spring in the suspension will immediately recoil and can hit you with a blow.

Coil spring compressors clasp onto the suspension’s coil and apply pressure to shorten the length of the coil. It is easy to take out the suspension without injuring the person who’s repairing the car. If you’re someone who likes to fix your car at home, knowing how to use the coil spring compressor is a priceless skill.

Consider These Before You Buy

There are hundreds of brands that you can choose from, and all of them will do the job. When purchasing a coil spring compressor, there are certain things that you should consider:


The coil spring compressors come in various sizes and shapes. Although these work with almost any car in the market, you must ensure that the coil compressor that you’ve bought fits right with the spring size of your compressor.


When replacing the old compressors, you’ll need immense pressure to hold the coil tightly into place. This is why you must have a sturdy coil compressor which can withstand the pressure that’s exerted onto the coil. These are heavy-duty tools, and this is why these need to be strong.

Availability of Parts

You should always purchase the coil spring compressor that gives you a warranty of the product. If the coil spring compressor tool gets damaged, the replacement parts should be readily available and cheap to purchase.

Considering all of these, we’ve enlisted our picks for the top 10 spring compressors that you can buy right now.

The Abn Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor

The Abn Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor

The ABN MacPherson coil spring compressor is one of the recommended spring compressors. It is highly durable and easy to set up. The manufacturer guarantees a great overall performance, which makes it one of the best coil spring compressors that you can buy.

The OEM Tools 25550 Macpherson Coil Spring Compressor

The OEM TOOLS 25550 MacPherson is a beast when it comes to removing the suspensor. Weighing just around 7.2 pounds, it is a perfect tool for you. It’s compatible with almost all of the cars and can adjust to compressors of different shapes and sizes. It has a safety attachment which latches onto the spring to provide extra security. The highly durable wrenches on the compressor make it one of the highly versatile tools in this list.

The Performance Tool w89311 Coil Spring Compressor

The Performance Tool w89311 Coil Spring Compressor

The Performance Tool W89311 Coil Spring Compressor can be used with most of the suspensions found in cars and trucks. Built with sturdy steel, it can withstand the pressure exerted by the coil at ease. This coil spring suspensor is very easy to set up and comes in an affordable price range, which makes it one of the best ones that you might find.

The Branick 7600 Coil Spring Compressor

The Branick 7600 Strut Spring Compressor features all stainless-steel construction and multi-positioning hooks, which cling to the spring ensuring better safety. Each compressor unit weights around a whopping 98 pound, which makes it hard for transporting this tool. Although bulky, these spring compressors are very sturdy which is why it is one of the recommended ones. If you’re not low on budget, you should aim for buying this compressor.

The Branick 7600 Coil Spring Compressor

The Ampro t70570 Coil Spring Compressor

This coil spring compressor is one of the best coil spring compressors that you may find. The AMPRO T70570 coil spring compressor is one of the more affordable ones, but the manufacturer did not compromise on the quality of the compressor. These compressors are very easy to set up and provide great service for a longer period. The replacements parts are easily found in local hardware shops and online markets. If you’re looking for a great product in a lower budget range, you should aim for the AMPRO T70570.

The Hiltex 50604 10? Coil Spring Compressors

These simply designed coil spring compressors are one of the best ones that you’d find. You can use them in almost any car or truck which makes them highly compatible and versatile compressors in the market. The nuts are coated with a black oxide finish, which prevents rusting and corrosion. These are relatively cheap compressors with sturdy construction. If you’re looking for a long-lasting coil spring compressor, the Hiltex 50604 will be the perfect one for you.

The Hiltex 50604 10? Coil Spring Compressors

The Xtremepowerus Auto 10? Coil Spring Compressor

The XtremepowerUS Auto is one of the lightest but toughest coil spring compressors that you might find in the market. Made from heavy-duty material, it ensures excellent performance in a very low-price bracket. The chrome plating on the surface causes it rust free and highly durable. If you’re looking to buy a compressor that’s can be easily transported and is affordable, you can surely try this one.

The Xtremepowerus Auto 10? Coil Spring Compressor

Oem Tools 27035 Coil Spring Compressor

It is a similar version to the OEM TOOLS 25550 MacPherson we’ve listed previously. This tool is recommended by most professional automobile repairs men, and it offers excellent safety when you’re working with the compressors of your car. It has a steel body which makes it very sturdy. It also has a storage box which comes along with the package so that you can store the unit safely in the box.

The Otc 6494 Clamshell Coil Spring Compressor

The OTC 6494 Clamshell is one of the best products of the OTC Company. This lightweight coil spring compressor has interlocking pins which provide extra safety. The spring compressors are made from heavy duty metal which makes it highly durable. It is a very good choice if you want a long lasting spring compressor that can be easily transported.

The Otc 6494 Clamshell Coil Spring Compressor

The Advanced Tool Design Model Atd-3054

The final spring compressor in our list is something that’s more of a traditional one. It has a sturdy metal built in a very affordable price tag. It weighs just around 7 pounds, which makes it one of the best when it comes to portability. It ensures excellent and long-lasting performance. These are also very easy to use. If you’re someone who wants to buy compressors that are cheap but does not want to compromise on the quality, you can surely go and buy the Model ATD-3054.

The Advanced Tool Design Model Atd-3054


Coil spring compressors are great tools when it comes to replacing the compressors in the car. These handy tools can easily replace the compressor with minimal efforts. When you’re going to buy such a device, you should keep in mind the compatibility, sturdiness, and availability of the parts of these compressors.

There are hundreds of such coil spring compressors, which is why choosing the proper compressor that fits your needs may be tough. To facilitate your decision making, we’ve provided the best compressors that you may add to the list of your high-quality tools that you use on a regular basis.

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