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Champion 5500-Watt Portable Generator Review

Champion 5500-Watt Portable Generator

Have you ever been to any countryside on a moonlit night where you don’t get any sharp light of Edison’s bulb? There is no way that you can express the feelings of the full moon in a countryside. It’s tremendous. But what if you need the electricity in that rural area? There is no other option to a portable generator.

The Champion 5500 watt portable generator or Champion 5500 watt generator gives you the ease to get the power supply anytime any place. You get the support of 6800 watts when the machine starts, and when it is running in the full throttle, you get the support of 5500 watts which is enough for average house use.

It has got a 5.9 gallon capacity of gasoline. With the full fuel tank, you can run 10 hours with these small generators. But there is a little thing to be noted that if the load is full, you might not get this much of service at a stretch. The manual says at 50% load you might get 11 hours of service from it which is really great from a generator.

It’s a whole house generator that will help you to support any power surge. If you are running any project, then it will help you a lot to get the lights on for you. A fridge generally uses 100 to 200 watts of power. So, you can imagine this Champion 5500 watt generator can be very handy to run all the heavy duty tasks. You might not get a dual fuel generator here, but this one has ensured all the quality to make power generation really easy for you. This Champion generator is certified by CARB. So, you don’t need to be bothered anymore.

It’s among those home generators which is really friendly for the environment. No sound pollution may occur due to this power generator. The manufacturer says it will create about 74 dBA from 23 ft which really cool. It might not hamper your relation with your neighbor. You can also use an inverter generator to make all the situation in your way. It’s a great option to generate AC power and get the things right for you. Inverter generators are really helpful for their noiseless effort.


  • Product Dimensions 31.3 x 20.9 x 22 inches
  • Item Weight 182 pounds
  • Item model number 41135
  • Runtime 10 Hours (Full Tank Gasoline)
  • Engine 338 Cc Champion
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 5.9 Gallons
  • Noise Level 74 DBA From 23 Ft
  • Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty With Lifetime Warranty Support


  • Fuel efficient generator
  • CARB certified
  • OHV engine with cast iron cover.
  • Folding handle with never flat tires
  • Volt guard with the Champion 5500 watt generator makes it a convenient tool in any situation
  • Built-in surge protector to save all the appliances
  • Automatic low oil shut off the sensor with this Champion product
  • Cold start technology

Our Remarks

From above, we can assume its great generator for the house and commercial use also. You can have a great run of 10 hours from this Champion 5500 watt generator which is really awesome. Acquiring this Champion tool would be a great addition to your home.

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