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Champion 3800 Dual Fuel Generator Reviews

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

We are now used to with the continuous service of the electricity. Any interruption in the current service is really uncomfortable for us. An outage of power can be for a natural reason or something else. To face this kind of situation we need a generator and the Champion 3800 dual fuel generator with its touch start and dual fuel seems to be helpful for users. You might be thinking is it going to help? Keep reading this discussion which may help you to know the features, usage, and advantages of this champion generator and help you to get the answer.

Key Features of Champion 3800 Dual Fuel Generator

1. Reliable Engine

A 224 cc 4 stroke engine is served with the generator which should give you a strong feeling of better performance. The engine is also featured with the speed of 3600 RPM at the 60Hz frequency.

2. Dual Fuel

If you are new to this field, then you might be thinking how a generator runs on dual fuel. But it’s possible now. Both the gas and propane can be used to run this generator. It has got the tank support and comfortable fuel switcher with the machine to make the things comfortable for the users. The most interesting part is it runs almost the same hours on both the fuel. On a full tank of gas and on half load it runs 9 hours and a full tank of propane about 10.5 hours.

3. Power

This tool has got the wattage power of 3400 watts and 3420 watts respectively on gasoline and propane. At the 120 Voltage, it has got the amperage above 28 Amps for both the fuels. You can see it can support a lot of electrical items in your home and RV.

4. Starting Options

It’s a heavy tool starting it with the manual pull option is not easy for most of us; that’s why the comfortable touch start is added to the tool. There is a battery to support the touch start which may need to charge up before the first start.

5. Usability

It’s a great tool to support you while you are running out of power in your house or living in your RV. For bringing the power in a dark situation, it’s a great tool. It backs up about 9 hours comfortably. The tire with the tool helps the user to drag it to a comfortable place and to switch it on with the touch start makes it simple to use.


  • Dimensions 22.8? x 22? x 30.7?
  • Weight 119 lbs.
  • Fuel Gas / Propane
  • Engine type 4 stroke
  • Wheel Diameter 8?
  • Starting Watts 4750 Watts
  • Running Watts 3800 Watts
  • Run time 9 hrs (Gas)/ 10.5 hrs (20lb. Propane tank)
  • Engine 224 cc
  • Frequency 60 Hz.
  • Warranty 3 years limited


  • Easy to drag because of the steel frame and tire
  • Runs for long on both the gas and diesel
  • Bearable noise level
  • Comfortable touch start
  • Longtime warranty support from the manufacturer


  • A bit heavy to lift
  • Not a good choice for the RV as it may generate annoying sound

Our Findings

Now we need to find out the facts about this tool. Keep reading so that you get the information you need before buying it.

1. Performance

It has been a great support for the people who faced any natural disaster and went under power outage for a long time. You need to get the fuels ready to keep it going, but you need to use it smartly when you know the electricity is not going to come sooner.

It’s a generator that can support 3800 watts while running. So you can see a lot of things can be powered in your house when the regular power source is absent. It helps to continue the regular works. A fridge, 2 lights, 2 fans, 1 tv can be easily turned on with this generator. At the full power, usage manufacturer estimated it to support for about 9 hours, but you have to smart to keep the items running. We suggest you reload the tank after 75% usage of the fuel to keep it running and get the best result.

The noise is always a problem for the generator the manufacturer rated it 68 dB at 23 feet distance. So it’s natural to feel more dB than the rating when the machine gets old, and users get close to it.

Though this product is very heavy but the manufacturers kept an inflatable tire and steel frame with it which help to drag it when required.

2. Ease of use

Dual fuel management can be a problem, but it also brings fortune where you might not find any fuel only gas. So having an option always works in a great way. Gasoline station may be unreachable in remote areas, but gas is available in most of the area. So it becomes convenient to use. Also, it comes with the propane hose to make the usage comfortable.

3. Price

A power tool which has got the track record to satisfy its user’s price shouldn’t be a fact to avoid it. None of us should mind if we get a tool tends to be expensive but gives us the service that we want from it.

How to use and store?

1. How to use a generator without feeling the noise?

It’s impossible to stop the sound when the machine is running, but we can make a soundproof compartment and keep the generator inside that compartment which will not let the sound come to our ears, and all our neighbors sleep in peace.

2. How to store a generator?

If you are a heavy user of the generator, then no need to empty the fuel tank otherwise for long term storing evacuate the fuel tank then keep the generator in cool, dry place. Before storing it, make sure it’s alright as you can just crank it when needed in an emergency.

Whom is Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator ideal for?

No matter how secure place do you live in, it is quite impossible to escape the power outage because you never know what is coming to you. Most of the natural causes like storms, earthquake are the reason we experience the power outage. So, you can see there is actually nobody to escape these reasons and to deal with that power cut; we all need some backpack a generator. Generators have a great deal of use when you are working in a remote area where you can’t ask for electricity.

Customers’ Feedbacks

It’s a heavy power tool with a steel frame on it to make sturdy the frame is also helpful for dragging it to a comfortable place. The touch start is appreciated by all kinds of user. Only in the Amazon it has got over 350 reviews and most of the customers are satisfied who gave positive reviews. It has got 4.4 stars. So you can see that the users are satisfied with the performance of the generator. However, some customers have complained about the loud operation and its heavy weight.

Our Final Thoughts

Where we lack electricity this Champion 3800 dual fuel generator can be a great support. It helps us to bring on the light in the hard condition with the help of the fuel. The service we get from a generator is always great. It generates a great power of 3800 watts to help us continue with our regular life. So keeping one of the Champion dual fuel generators in our home will help you in the tough conditions and also for the recreational purpose.


Question : How does the touch start work?
Answer : To support the touch start the manufacturer uses a battery which makes sure after pressing the switch the generator gets its life and start providing the current. What if the battery goes down? No problem you have the pulling trigger to start the machine.

Question : How many objects can run on this generator?
Answer : The tool has got the wattage of 3800, so you can see a lot of electrical items that can run on this generator. Depending on the number of items the generator gives the hour or support.

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