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Bosch ra1181 Benchtop Router Table Reviews for You

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Woodworks gain appreciation after the hard works for the design on it. Chisel and hammer have been a great way to bring out the design on a wood piece. Now you have the benchtop router which can also be a great support for making grooves and give the edges a different shape. Bosch benchtop router Table with its large aluminum work surface and adjustable featherboards help the users to get various kinds of jobs done. Continue reading to learn the usage and features of the tool and improve your woodworking experience!

Key Features of Bosch Benchtop Router Table

1. Dust port

When working with a woodworking tool, the dust collection port is a vital part. It helps the users to keep the workspace fresh to some extent. This router comes with a 2 ½″ hose to help suck up most of the dust and debris that comes off a wood piece. Bosch router table with its powerful dust collection tool helps the users to keep most of the dust inside, and it keeps the workspace fresh enough to work for long.

2. Dual outlet switch

Bosch has taken some extra care of the switches. 15 amp heavy duty dual outlet switches gives you the overload protection. Lock on the switch keeps the switch; safe prevents from the accidental on/ off.

3. Construction

Aluminum fence and MDF face plates of the router improves the stability of the tool. It helps to take on the pressure and weight on it comfortably. The foot of the router table has got the screw hole you can set the table firmly on top your workbench and start the woodworks immediately.

4. Large work surface

This tool comes with a large aluminum work surface to give a better and improved work experience. It has a 27-inch x 18-inch aluminum work surface.

5. Rigid mounting plate

Bosch Benchtop Router Table has a rigid aluminum router mounting plate that provides accurate cuts. In addition, it is pre-drilled to fit various routers which can offer you the versatility.

6. Adjustable featherboards

The fence and table is attached with two easy-to-use featherboards. They are adjustable and can fit to a variety of work pieces. These featherboards also offer additional support while feeding stock across the routing table.


  • Type Benchtop router table
  • Dimensions 22″ x 18″ x 14.5″
  • Throat opening 3-5/8
  • Material Aluminum
  • Warranty 1 year limited
  • Model Number RA1181
  • Power source Corded electric


  • Benchtop tool attaches to any work table
  • Adjustable featherboards
  • Long power cord with dual outlet
  • Easy to setup
  • Adjustable clear guard


  • Fence adjustment is not so smooth
  • Mounting plate leveling mechanism

Our Findings

No doubt benchtop router has made many crafting jobs really simple for us, but we need to dig out the facts to make the right decision before buying a tool. So let’s get into it!

1. Performance

While working on a wood piece to give it a fresh new look and design, it creates a lot of dust, and small pieces also can come off suddenly. If you have a dust collection port with the tool and it works nicely, then life becomes easier for the workers.

Also, users found it very efficient as Bosch delivered most of the accessories like featherboards, safety shield, miter gauge, starter pin, and metal plate.

What we found a bit annoying with this is the fence. The fence adjustment does not seem to be smooth; it has got the tendency to stuck in the channel every now and then.

2. Ease of use

Setting up the router table hasn’t been that much critical for most of the users. If you are having trouble setting it up, then take the help of the experts. The on/ off switch of the tool is really comfortable and safe to use.

How to use?

How to use the benchtop router in a secure way?

Firstly, when setting the fences and blocks make sure the cord is unplugged. While working with a wood piece, you should use a push block in order to keep the pressure on till the end, and it will also help your hands to keep away.

Whom is Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 ideal for?

Router tables are for the woodworkers. Using a router table, they can trim the wood pieces and make the wood pieces smooth to step forward in the next process. Using the spinner on the table, it becomes simple to give the proper shape that a worker needs.

Customers’ Feedbacks

Bosch Router Table is great support for the woodworkers. It helps the workers to give the perfect finishing touch. Only in the Amazon, around 2000 people have reviewed this product, and most of the users found it really helpful for their projects. There are also some users who didn’t find it enough for their project. Despite all the negativity, it has earned a 4.2 -star rating which means it has got the potential to support any kind of project and make users smile.

Our Final Thoughts

Bosch Benchtop Router Table comes with all the necessary parts. It has got all the potential to help a woodworker to make the wood pieces more attractive and perfect in design and finish. It’s an aluminum fence, and MDF faceplates give the support to work comfortably on it. The base of the tool can be attached to the workbench with the help of the bolts to make it more stable. 15 amp switches with overload protection makes it more secure to work on. So we hope it’s going to be a helpful tool for all the woodworkers.


Question : What should we look for at the first look when purchasing a benchtop router table?
Answer : It should be the counter. We need to check if the countertop with the metal plate is, even if it’s uneven the finishing of the wood pieces would not be as great as we expect.

Question : On what kind of table should we set it up?
Answer : It’s better to set it on a wooden workbench as it runs on power if you want to set it on a metal workbench than make sure metal work bench has the rubber padding at the bottom. It helps to stay it perfectly on the floor as well as it will help not to pass any current to the floor.

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