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Blast Zone Inflatable Water Park Review for You

Are you in quest of additional entertainment for your kids? Your kids like to play and have fun outside, and they mostly tend to get dirt most of the time. On the other hand, if you don’t have much bigger space for your kids to play outside, then you need to hit up an idea on how to bring them a better playing field. As you have very little space or you just have one or two car space, then you can easily manage to have a playing field for your kids. But how? Read on the rest. With durable construction and safety features, Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park is the perfect choice for you. But you need to be assured of the outcome and its feature whether you can count on this product or not. Are you thinking of purchasing the waterpark pool now? Don’t! Read our say first in this Blast Zone Inflatable Waterpark review.

Can you purchase the product for its durable and massive space the product has? We think you should know more and identify the product’s feature better than that.

Key Features of Blast Zone Inflatable Waterpark

1. Durable Construction

The commercial grade impact surfaces with double and quadruple-stitched reinforced assembly, multi-stage quality control and well-known X-Weave material for added durability.

2. Safety Features

The safety feature of this product is one of the influential features of this product. Safety feature includes safe slide heights, Fan W GFCI feature with soft safety netting to prevent abrasion with numerous anchor points and more. This fun inflatable meets your requirement that is applicable for a safety standard.

3. Massive Splash Area

The massive splash area with climbing and sliding structure has the capability to take at least 6 kids who are 3 to 12 years of age with no grass or debris in the splash area. So, the water will stay cleaner.

4. Upgraded Tail Walls

The classic version of this water park is upgraded into widened ramps and safety rails. Kids will have fun while climbing the crocodile’s foot then sliding down either the tail or its snout.

5. Vinyl Impact Surfaces

The vinyl is used on the climbing and sliding surface which is a commercial grade that provides climbing and sliding surfaces to last longer.

6. Double and Quadruple Stitching

The Blast Zone takes the responsibility to manufacture this inflatable on bounce and slide surface, and they are assembled with up to quadruple heavy duty stitching.

7. Blower

The Blast Zone inflatables operate by using a continuous flow of air fed from the included blower.

8. Manual & DVD

This playhouse includes manual and DVD to show you safety rules with videos and some other accessories.


  • Type Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable
  • Product Dimensions 168 x 264 x 96 inches
  • Model Number INF-CIWP
  • Max. Gross Weight 300lbs
  • Item Weight 95lbs
  • Max. User Weight 100lbs
  • Age Limit 3+
  • Max Users in Bouncer 6
  • Blower 680W
  • Slide Length 9’ Ea
  • Includes Sprayer, Blower, Instruction
  • Brand Blast Zone


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Safety features with easy setup
  • Constant airflow with flow restriction
  • Commercial-grade surfaces
  • Massive splash area
  • Unique climbing ramp


  • Filling water is time-consuming
  • Drying out may take a little time

Our Findings

1. Performance

I have 3 kids who used to play outside at my house backyard. They catch a lot of dirt on the ground outside. So, I planned to buy a splash inflatable water park for their playing purpose. It provided better service so far. The lightweight structure and with all the safety features, this playhouse is an ideal choice for my kids. The massive splash area includes climbing and sliding structure where kids aged 3 to 12 can easily play. You don’t need to think of this kid’s playhouse impairment, because the structure of this water park consists of quadruple stitching. The vinyl structure and build of this water park provide enough strength to hold the movement. The only drawback I have felt, the pools were quite bigger than my expectation, so it takes more time to fill water. Other than this, it was a better product that I have ever bought from Blast Zone.

In a word, I have been inspecting this Blast Zone inflatable water park for a longer period of time, and I found no problems or issues. This water park offers massive space for your kids to play and durable, a lightweight structure which gives it a distinct meaning within all inflatable waterparks out there.

2. Ease of use

I bought this water park for the purpose of my kids’ playhouse. It has been a great value for money and for my kids as well. Set up was easier than I thought, just needed to use the blower included with this product. Right after my kids finished playing, I keep it on the open field to dry out faster. It didn’t take much time to dry out even. The structure was very much smoother and user-friendly to use the water park with ease. So, overall, the waterpark was better than I thought.

How to set up and clean the product?

1. Setting up this product

  • The inflatable unit rolls into a large sleeping bag
  • At first, unpack and unroll the product
  • Attach the inflation tube to the blower
  • Turn on the blower
  • Stake it down at the end
  • To deflate, take the inflatable down
  • Turn off the motor
  • It will deflate on its own

2. Cleaning this product

  • Drain the water and empty the space
  • Prevent water from getting into the seam
  • Wipe the wet corners and Velcro areas
  • Turn the blower on to inflate it
  • Keep it in the air to get dried out

Whom is this product ideal for?

As the product stated, this product is recommended for the kids of 3 or more and at most 12 years of age. So, if you have kids who like to play outside and spend more time to play with toys, then you can use the Kid playhouse with slide to provide the kids’ playhouse. So, Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park is the ideal choice for you.

Customers’ Feedbacks

We have been more than judgmental about the product than most customers on Amazon did. Its average 4.6 stars with over 200 customer reviews from real buyers should be enough to make a conclusion about Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable as a better product, but some users went above the positive lines as they shared harsh experiences due to filling water takes little extra time.

However, this product has safety features, and commercial grade provides an accurate structure of this inflatable waterpark.

Our Final Thoughts

So, you know every detail of Blast Zone Inflatable Waterpark, and it takes us to make the final result about this product. You undeniably desire to see the last observation that we made according to the outcome we have found. When we checked this product for an ample amount of time, later, we come across a concluding result that this product can correctly work with importance on different circumstances. As this product features durable construction, upgraded tail walls and provides your safety features for a different purpose; Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park is surely a better product than most of the inflatable waterparks out there.


Question : How do you store the whole playhouse?
Answer : Make sure the inflatable is completely dry before storing. Just take a little time to dry it and then store it in the storage bag provided with this inflatable.

Question : Is it appropriate to leave out the playhouse in the sun all summer?
Answer : The material and color may fade, so you can cover the playhouse with a tarp while you need to get rid of it from the sun.

Question : How do you drain the water out?
Answer : When you deflate the slide, it will start to drain out the water. So, just blow it back to dry it in the sun.

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