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TEKTON 25282 Allen Key Wrench Set Review

TEKTON 25282 Allen Key Wrench Set

Need a set of Allen key to make sure every screw is reachable by you? Tekton 25282 comes with a 26 pcs set of hex wrench to give you the confidence to deal with any screw. It has got a nice folding case that holds all the keys. So you don’t need to be bothered to manage the keys. Will it be enough helping for you? The keys are constructed of heat-treated high strength steel. Once you have the Tekton 25282, it can serve lifelong. Let’s check out how it can help the users with its 26 pcs hex screwdriver set.

Whom is this TEKTON 25282?

This hex driver set has mostly covered all the hex wrench sizes. If you purchase one set of it, you might not need to worry about hex screws, and you can’t say it’s only for professional use. It can be a great support for the amateur people also to get the DIY projects done. The keys are made of high-grade steel to take on all loads, and the ball end is there to help you in the tight place. So, you can assume this hex wrench set is of great use to all of us.


  • 13 long arm hex keys in inch: 3/64ʺ, 1/16ʺ, 5/64ʺ, 3/32ʺ, 7/64ʺ, 1/8ʺ, 9/64ʺ, 5/32ʺ, 3/16ʺ, 7/32ʺ, 1/4ʺ, 5/16ʺ, 3/8ʺ
  • 13 long arm hex keys in metric: 1.27, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10 mm

TEKTON 25282 Hex Key Wrench Set Explained

If you have experienced the Allen key, you will find they are all quite the same in quality and functionality. What you get excellent in Tekton 25282 are the cases. This set avails 2 sets one in metric sizes, and another one provides fractional inch sizes AKA SAE. You will see many of the hex key wrench set does not hold the keys properly. It’s amazing how they passed the QA. Tekton cases have got the perfect hold it does let the keys out on a sudden and when you want to pull the keys out it comes smoothly.

Another great thing is both sets are always together they are attached using a folded case which makes it convenient for the users. Also, the folding case makes it comfortable to take out the smaller keys, and the grip here is even harder. Another great feature is the ball end design you will find it very useful in the tight spaces and the long key will help you to reach bolts easily. There are 13 Pcs keys in every set to make your works simple.


  • Dimensions 7.5 x 1.1 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight 1.79 pounds
  • Color One Color
  • Style Hex key wrench set
  • Item model number 25282
  • Material Chrome Vanadium Steel


  • All required sizes
  • Portability
  • Great of use to manage every hex bolt
  • Easy to store in a drawer
  • Sturdy Allen key


  • The size marking can fade away

Our Remarks

The Tekton Allen key gives you the confidence to deal with any hex screw. The ball ending of the key allows the users to work in a tight place comfortably. There is really a lot thing to be in love with this hex key set. You need to be panicked to store it as the hex tool takes a little space in your drawer. You will be enjoying the Allen key set right from the beginning.


Question : What’s the use of the ball end? How it would help?
Answer : The ball end design is to help you in tight places. After making the screw loose with the hex end put the ball end into it to take out the screw fast. In the tight places, you don’t get the space to have a full round of the key that’s how it makes your working faster.

Question : Does this Tekton hex key set come with US and metric sets?
Answer : Yes it does come with both measurements. You will love to work with it as there is most of the size available.

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