We keep neither hanging limbs nor overstretched branches. We wake up early and deal with the hanging or overstretched parts with the best pole saw. This is how we embrace the nature and make our home look green with a greener garden.

Who Are We?

POWER Tools Gudie is a friendly community consisting of buddies who love the nature as much as their homes. We do not consider cutting the limbs or twigs of the tree as cruelty or barbarity. Rather, we believe we are letting them grow big and beautiful, and a powerful pole saw is the tool we love to have.

Our Story

Most of our friends, colleagues, and neighbors have deep feelings for the nature. Before we founded POWER Tools Gudie, all our tenderness had remained unrevealed and unaddressed. Days after days, we saw our buddies having hard times with the maintenance of their garden or lawn because of the trees that keep growing, sometimes beyond your desire.

We used to buy power tools like pole saws and chain saws and put them to use on many occasions. What we would miss at times is the precision and comfort. After being mindful of the matter and gathering years of practical working experiences, we have come to this state that enables us to tell something very concrete and authentic about the best pole saw.

Our Mission

We aim at spreading the love for trees among people close to us and living in distant places through POWER Tools Gudie, the only platform to speak and share our stories.

We wish no buyers fall a victim to the sweet talks. It is the reason why we have tested so many pole saws and compiled a definitive list of tools to help you with the right buying decision. We hope you are with us.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!