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Fiskars Tree Pruner Review – Extendable Tree Pruner

26 Foot Pole Pruner

To take proper trimming and maintenance of trees and plants is an important aspect of house hold, commercial and industrial sites. To maintain healthy growth of fruits, it is necessary to keep the clean unwanted trunk of trees. What a pole saw is a smart way that lets you attack the branches of a tree without leaving the ground yourself. This significantly increases your safety.

The manufacturer made this long 26 Foot Pole Pruner make your job easier, safer and faster. This saves both time and money and perhaps your health in the long run.

Feature Analysis of  Fiskars Tree Pruner

1. 26 Foot length

This is one of the unique features that allow the user to trim the branches a lot more above. You can adjust the length on your own. Good news is for its sturdy construction this pole saw never bent. You can always clean from far beyond than other pole saws can.

2. Light Weight

For the best maneuverability, this tree lopper comes with 12.1 pounds weight which is very lightweight. It will be more comfortable on the hand and cause less hand fatigue over time.

3. Durable steel body construction

The durability and strength of the pole bar are crucial. Along with 2MM thickness the body is made of corrosion free steel. Manufacturer, for this reason, gives a lifetime warranty in this case.


  • Product Dimensions 6″ x 44″ x 6″
  • Weight 12.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer TongTuo
  • Length 26 foot
  • Thick 4CM


  • A very long telescopic pole that has a maximum work area of 26 feet
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to operate, Can be used in awkward positions for an extended period without causing hand fatigue
  • Assigned to allow for precise control of the direction of the cut


  • Little muscular work needed to handle it properly

Our Remarks

If you need a long pole for cutting thin branches of less than 1/2″, then this is one of the best pole pruners in the industry. It is very long, allowing you to reach high-up places, and comes with a 4-row blade that is excellent for vine pruning, branch trimming, and cutting.

As we said, it needs little muscular work because it is 26-foot, and you need to enforce some energy of course for that but to be honest it will be far better comforting than your ordinary pole.

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